How many copies of the Bible have been sold?

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3.4 Trillion

How many copies of The God Delusion have been sold?

Answer According to Wikipedia... As of November 2009, the English version of The God Delusion had sold over 8.5 million copies and had been translated into 34 other languages. [4] It was ranked #2 on the bestsellers' list in November 2006. [5] [6] In early December 2006, it reached (MORE)

How many copies of Madden have been sold?

As of 2014, the latest numbers available show that the Madden NFLvideo game series has sold approximately 85 million copies sincebeing introduced in 1988. The game is published by EA Tiburon.

How many copies of The Secret have been sold?

Several million in North America and the numbers abroad are still growing. but the sequel will sell more.... I went to the premiere of The Opus in Edmonton. It was a great movie. The place was packed. It was crazy. But the energy was good. The film is so much more than a sequel to the secret. The s (MORE)

How many copies of Halo 3 have been sold?

Halo 3, to date, has sold about 9 Million copies. Halo 2 sold 9 Million copies, and Halo 1 sold 5 Million copies. Estimated 350 Million profit for Bungie alone. . Not sure on the current sales figures but it sold 2.5 million copies at launch.

How many copies of Anne Frank have been sold?

Over 31 million copies of The Diary of Anne Frank have been sold since August of 1945. It is an amazing tale of a young Jewish girl growing up and maturing while hiding from the German Nazis for 25 months in the secret annex of her father's warehouse. They went into hiding on July 6, 1942, and they (MORE)

How many copies of Twilight have been sold?

17 million copies. 1.3 million copies have been sold in a half of one day. Twilight is a fonomalon movie and there is not no end to this with the new movie coming out in october New Moon!!!! ^fonomalon? I think maybe they were trying to say phenomenal? hahahaha...oh Twilight fans, you so silly.

How many copies of late registration album have been sold?

Late Registration is the second studio album by Chicago hip hop artist Kanye West . The album was released on August 30 , 2005 , and debuted at #1, selling over 860,000 copies in its first week, the once highest first week sales in Def Jam Recordings history. However, Kanye's next album, (MORE)

How many copies of the bible are sold every day?

Estimates of the number of Bibles sold each day are staggering. Asone of the most popular books in history, it's not surprising tofind that approximately 168,000 copies are sold or given away everyday.

How many copies of Good Charlotte albums have been sold?

In the United States, they have sold: The Young and the Hopeless - 3x Platinum (3,000,000+ copies) Chronicles of Life and Death - Platinum (1,000,000+ copies) Video Collection [DVD] - Platinum (100,000 + copies) their other albums have not hit the 500,000 mark additionally, their singles "The (MORE)

How many copies of Twilight sold?

The four Twilight books have been sold in more than 25 million copies worldwide and 20 million of them have been sold in the USA alone.

How many copies of gta 4 have been sold?

In total i have read that they have sold over 10 million copies world wide (to date), making it the 46th best selling game of the month (when released). - Luca

How many copies of the bible have been printed?

As so many different language translations exist, and as, within those languages, so many different versions exist, and as, within those versions, so many printings exist.... this number is unknown and unknowable.

How many bibles have been sold worldwide?

There's no way of knowing for sure as many copies have been printed and smuggled into countries where it is illegal to own or possess a Bible. Most recent calculations estimate around 6 billion copies in over 2000 languages or dialects.

How many total copies of Dianetics have been sold?

While I do not have the exact total I know the total number of Dianetics: The Modern Science of mental Health books sold are between twenty-two and twenty-three million. Other Dianetics books are: Self Analysis , Dianetics - The Original Thesis , Evolution Of A Science , Science of Survival (MORE)

How many copies of Romeo and Juliet have been sold?

The play Romeo and Juliet has never been copyrighted so anyone can print out a copy and sell it without permission from anyone. This means that innumerable copies have been produced over the last 400 years, and there is no record of how many. Someone has guessed around the 200,000,000,000 mark. Coul (MORE)

How many copies of cod black ops have been sold so far?

Over 3,000,000 Have Been Sold Well that's a very low sales figure considering "2 million units were sold in the UK over its first five days on sale" I'm sure atleat twice that were sold in the US in the same amount of time, so I'm betting around over 6 million were sold in the first 5 days.

How many copies of You're the One that I Want have been sold?

Believe it or not, at the very least 6 million: U.S. - Platinum (2.5 million) U.K. - Platinum (1.975 million) See the related link. France - Gold (1.8 million) See the related link. Germany - Gold certification (0.25 million) Total: 6.525 million And this is in just four countries. I (MORE)

How many copies of kiss alive have been sold?

5 million have been sold, since it's a double album, technically 10million copies, a lot of the Kiss catalog have not been certifiedsince the 70's, so it is hard to tell how many albums they havesold!

How many copies of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 have been sold?

The announcement was made that they sold over 12 Million the first week because they broke a record for sales for that period. The next announcement will not occur until they sell more games than Black Ops has sold since Black Ops got the record for most video game sales in the USA and announced it (MORE)

How many copies of Mockingjay have sold?

In the first week of it's sale in the U.S. More than 450,000 copieswere sold. Well that may be true, but it is also unbelievably uninteresting,definitely misleading. "ONLY 450K copies", you'll be forgiven forthinking. It's not clear why it's SO hard to get fresh salesfigures on books. What we know (MORE)

How many copies of Diablo 3 have been sold?

Within 24 hours of its release more than 3.5 million copies of Diablo 3 had been sold. Released in 2012, it sold over 12 million copies that year, which was the highest of any game.

How many copies of Spider-Man DVD have been sold?

The Spiderman DVD is estimated to have sold more than 40 million copies. This number is higher than any other entertainment movie in history. The marketing and strategic efforts of this movie were very smart.

What sold more copies than the Bible?

There is no book that has more copies than the Bible. Estimates are that over 6 billion copies of the Bible have been printed. Depending on the research results you can find, the next best selling book printed has less than 1 billion copies.