How many counties are there in the US?

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The US has:

3009 counties
64 parishes
16 boroughs
41 independent municipalities or cities
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How many counties in Nebraska have the same name as US Presidents?

Presidential County Names in Nebraska: . Adams County for John Adams the 2 nd President. . Arthur County for Chester Arthur the 21 st President. . Fillmore County for Millard Fillmore the 13 th President. . Garfield County for James Garfield the 12 th President. . Grant County for Ulysses Grant. . Hayes County for Rutherford Hayes. . Jefferson County for Thomas Jefferson. . Lincoln County for Abraham Lincoln. . Madison County may have been named for James Madison although because its early settlers were mostly from Madison Wisconsin that is the likely source of its name. . Pierce County for Franklin Pierce. . Polk County for James Polk. . Washington County for George Washington. . Clay and Douglas Counties were named for Presidential hopefuls Henry Clay and Stephen Douglas. . Johnson County was NOT named for a US President but for Richard Mentor Johnson who was th 9 th Vice President of the US.

How many counties in US?

There are 2,992 counties in the United States.. The following below were not counted in the total counties in the United States.. There are 16 boroughs in Alaska, not counties.. There are 64 parishes in Louisana, not counties.. There are 12 counties with non-functioning governments, 8 are in Connecticut and 4 are in Rhode Island.

What is the largest county in the US?

By population it is Los Angeles County, California (10 million +)and by area it is San Bernardino County, California (21,000 squaremiles). The largest "county equivalent" by area is Yukon-Koyukuk CensusArea in Alaska (147,805 square miles). It is part of Alaska'sUnorganized Borough and has no county seat. Its population is lessthan 6000.

What is the smallest county in the US?

It is Kalawao County, Alaska at 13 square miles, but the smallest County equivalent is Falls Church, Virginia at 2.2 square miles. It's in Hawaii - Alaska has no counties.

What is the Oldest county fair in the US?

Actually, the oldest running fair is in Watertown, New York, and is celebrating it's 193 year this year, it is the oldest continuous running fair, it has never missed a year..,_New_York. Actually the oldest fair is in my hometown of York Pennsylvania. It started in 1765..

How many counties are in a US state?

That is for each state to determine. about 3,000 counties in untied states . Including the parishes of Louisiana, the boroughs and census areas of Alaska, independent cities, and Washington County, D.C., the United States consists of 3143 second-level divisions. The District of Columbia had consisted of two counties, but Alexandria County, D.C. was returned to Virginia in 1846. Delaware is divided among three counties, the least of any state. Texas is divided among 254 counties, the most. Counties tend to be much larger in the west than in the east. For example, Arizona, which has 13 times the area of New Jersey, has only five sevenths as many counties.

Which us county has the longest coastline?

Pinellas County is 38 miles long, and 15 miles at it's broadest point, for a total of 280 square miles. 587 miles of coastline . It is the 2nd smallest county in the State of Florida .

What is the size of counties in the US in acres?

The size of counties vary from state to state and within the various states, Before Alaska became a US State in 1959, the general concept was that a county was about 40 miles by 40 miles or about 1,024,000 acres.

Which is the lowest populated county in the US?

Loving County, in the State of Texas is the lowest populated county in the United States. The population in Loving County as of January 2009 is 64 people. Loving County only has a courthouse, gas station and a few houses. A non denominational church that has 60- members. There is no school, clinic, hospital or cemetery. The volunteer fire department has 6 members and responds to an average 3 calls per year. Pretty interesting, huh?

Oldest county in US?

The oldest county in the United States is York County, located in southern Maine. The county was established in 1636. Their web site is at: Actually the oldest counties in the country are in Virginia. Originally, there were 8 counties established in Virginia in 1634. Six of those counties remain in operation. These Six counties are as follow: James City County VA York County VA Isle of Wight County VA Accommack County VA Henrico County VA Charles County VA Since James City County which encompasses the city of Jamestown (settled in 1607) was the first inhabited area with a formal government established; I would call this the oldest "county" in the country.

Where is the biggest county in the US?

Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area, Alaska is the largest city equivalent (which are basically counties but are called either parishes in Louisiana and boroughs in Alaska) at 147,843 and the largest county is San Bernardino County, California at 20,105

How many counties border US?

There are no counties that border the United States, but there are two countries that border the U.S. They are Canada and Mexico.

What is the Weathiest County in the US?

For the Last years currently being 2010, The Wealthiest Counties in the Nation, holding the Highest Dual Household incomes in the entire nation are outside the Washington DC area, being the Wealthiest Area in the entire United States per capita 1. Loudon County average med house income $ 110,643 a year 2. Fairfax County average med household income $106,123 a year 3. Howard County Maryland med income $101,710 a year All outside the Washington DC area, remaining the wealthiest Area to live in with the Highest Salaried paying jobs in the entire Nation ............Miami -Dade was the Poorest per capita in the nation

What county in the US has the most lakes?

There are only four counties in Minnesota with no natural lakes: Mower, Olmsted, Pipestone, and Rock. Otter Tail County has 1,048 lakes, which is the most lakes of any county in the United States. We always say the Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes; however, there are actually 11,842 lakes in Minnesota that are larger than 10 acres!

What are the largest geographic counties in US?

The single largest county in area in the US is San Bernardino County, California . For the top 100 counties in area, see the link below. Note that Alaska does not have "counties", but has "boroughs", which are the equivalent of counties. Five of these boroughs are larger in area than San Bernardino County. However, one of them, the "Unorganized Borough", as its name implies, has no government. Nor is it contiguous - it is simply composed of all of the areas of Alaska that are not included in formally organized boroughs. But, in any event, there are at least 4 boroughs in Alaska that, except in name, fit the definition usually applied to counties, and are larger than any "counties" in the US. The largest of these is the North Slope Borough , at over 4 times the area of San Bernardino County). In addition, there are 7 other Alaska boroughs that would make the top 100 list. These boroughs and their respective areas can be seen in the second link below.

Who creates counties in the US?

Voters create county divisions. Certain states require a specificminimum size population or property value before a county can becreated.

How many middle east counties are at war with the US?

The US is currently involved in three separate wars in the middle east and north Africa (which is culturally an extension of the middle east), in the nations of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. The US is not exactly at war with any of those countries, but it is an ally of certain factions in ongoing civil wars and insurgencies.

What counties elect sheriffs in the US?

I n the United States , a S heriff is a county official and is typically the top law enforcement officer of a county. Historically, the sheriff was also commander of the militia in that county. Distinctive to law enforcement in the United States , sheriffs are usually elected . The political election of a person to serve as a police leader is an almost uniquely American tradition. Additional: I believe that all US Sheriff's are elected and in many (all?) states the office is provided for under the Constitution of the State. The office of Sheriff is distinctly different from that of a Chief of Police, which is strictly an appointive position.

Where is travis county at in the US?

"According to some information on the internet, Travis County is a county located in the state of Texas in the United States. It's a relatively small county."

How many county border county Tyrone?

Five counties. Donegal, Derry, Armagh, Monaghan and Fermanagh. Five counties. Donegal, Derry, Armagh, Monaghan and Fermanagh. Five counties. Donegal, Derry, Armagh, Monaghan and Fermanagh. Five counties. Donegal, Derry, Armagh, Monaghan and Fermanagh. Five counties. Donegal, Derry, Armagh, Monaghan and Fermanagh. Five counties. Donegal, Derry, Armagh, Monaghan and Fermanagh. Five counties. Donegal, Derry, Armagh, Monaghan and Fermanagh. Five counties. Donegal, Derry, Armagh, Monaghan and Fermanagh. Five counties. Donegal, Derry, Armagh, Monaghan and Fermanagh. Five counties. Donegal, Derry, Armagh, Monaghan and Fermanagh. Five counties. Donegal, Derry, Armagh, Monaghan and Fermanagh.

What counties in Kansas touch the US?

All counties in Kansas are in the US - however, if you areinterested in a list of Kansas counties that touch other states... Touching Colorado: Cheyenne (touches Nebraska on the north and Colorado on the west) Sherman Wallace Greeley Hamilton Stanton Morton (touches Colorado on the west and Oklahoma on the south) Touching Oklahoma: Morton (touches Colorado on the west and Oklahoma on the south) Stevens Seward Meade Clark Comanche Barber Harper Sumner Cowley Chautauqua Montgomery Labette Cherokee (touches Oklahoma on the south and Missouri on the east) Touching Missouri: Cherokee (touches Oklahoma on the south and Missouri on the east) Crawford Bourbon Linn Miami Johnson Wyandotte Leavenworth Atchison Doniphan (touches Missouri on the east and part of the north andNebraska on the northwest corner edge) Touching Nebraska: Doniphan (touches Missouri on the east and part of the north andNebraska on the northwest corner edge) Brown Nemeha Marshall Washington Republic Jewell Smith Phillips Norton Decatur Rawlins Cheyenne (touches Nebraska on the north and Colorado on the west)

Where is tornado county in the US?

There is no Tornado County in the US. Perhaps you meant Tornado Alley, an area of high tornado activity in the US. It is located in the Midwest, across the states of Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Tornado Alley has high tornado activity as this is where the cool, dry air of the Rockies meet with the warm, dry air of the Southwest deserts, and the warm, moist air of the Gulf of Mexico, generating violent thunderstorms.

Which English counties used to be Welsh?

Up until 1536, none- then Henry VIII signed the Act of Union which effectively abolished Wales as a seperate country and made it a part of England. Wales then did not officially exist until Edwardian times, when it was disestablished. However, the County of Monmouthshire, on the South-East border, remained classified as a part of England until 1974, when boundary changes incorporated it into Wales. Surprisingly, there was no violence or cross-border trouble over this, as most of Monmouthshire's inhabitants had always regarded themselves as Welsh and agreed with the decision. However, if the decision were to be reversed today, there most definitely WOULD be trouble!!

What county uses crown currency?

Crowns are the currencies of most of the Nordic countries, including Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and the Czech Republic currently use the crown as a currency.

What US city has the most counties?

New York City consists of five counties. In descending order by population, they are... . Kings County (Brooklyn), . Queens County (Queens), . New York County (Manhattan), . Bronx County (The Bronx) and . Richmond County (Staten Island).

Where in the US is Cook County?

Cook county is in Illinois, United States. It has a population of over 5 million as of the 2012 census estimate, with the proportion of white people at 66%, and Blacks at 25%.

What county are green slips used?

Many counties, states, and countries use green slips. These include Kentucky, and New South Wales in Australia. Green Slip may also refer to an insurance company or a style of dress.

Which US cities are in the Hennepin County?

There are a great many cities in Hennepin County, the most well known being Minneapolis. Others include Bloomington, Greenwood, Long Lake, Plymouth and Shorewood. For a complete list please visit the Hennepin US website.

How many counties named lake in US?

There are twelve, in California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota and Tennessee. In addition, there is a Bear Lake County in Idaho, a Green Lake County in Wisconsin, a Lake of the Woods County and a Red Lake County in Minnesota, and a Salt Lake County in Utah. Also, Alaska, which has no counties, has a Lake and Peninsula Borough.

Within which US County is Wake?

Wake is in the state of North Carolina, USA. Wake is a county and its largest city is Raleigh, named after Sir Walter Raleigh. It was founded in 1771 and named for Margaret Wake. Margaret Wake was the wife of Colonel Governor, William Tryon. The city of Raleigh is the state capital.

Where in the US is Whatcom County situated?

Whatcom County is situated in the U.S. state of Washington. It is located at the very north of the state and it is near the border of Vancouver, Canada. The largest city in the county is Bellingham.

How many us states have a Lincoln County?

There is a Lincoln County or Lincoln Parish in 24 U.S. states: . Arkansas . Colorado . Georgia . Idaho . Kansas . Kentucky . Louisiana (Lincoln Parish) . Maine . Minnesota . Mississippi . Missouri . Montana . Nebraska . Nevada . New Mexico . North Carolina . Oklahoma . Oregon . South Dakota . Tennessee . Washington . West Virginia . Wisconsin . Wyoming

How many counties are named Gilmer in the US?

There is only one state in the U.S called Gilmer State named in honor of George Rockingham Gilmer. That is not correct. There are no states named Gilmer. I wanted to know how many counties within states are named Gilmer in the United States of America.