How many countries are considered developing countries?

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Up to 158 countries are considered developing countries, some of them are: Algeria, China, Liberia, Ghana, Kenya, Armenia, Ethopia, Fiji, Mexico, Mali, Saudi Arabia, South Africa.
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What makes a country considered developed?

Type your answer here... I think the fact that most of the so called developed nations rely heavily on the poor nation for their achievement,the friction is that they contro

Which countries in Africa are considered developed countries?

None of the countries are developed, however South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Botswana and Namibia are some of the most developed, especially South Africa having been th

What Countries are NOT considered developed economically?

The Brant report drew a line which placed North America, Europe, Russia, Australia and New Zealand. These countries to this are considered the rich economically developed coun

Why is Singapore considered a developed country?

Ya, Singapore is a well-developed country or rather a successful country. Just look at singaporeans daily lives, we have clean water, sufficient food and lots of cities, shopp
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Why is Indonesia considered a developing country?

Indonesia's economy is not as developed as countries in North America / Western Europe which are now primarily serviced-based economies with GDP per capita in excess of 20,000
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Why Malaysia is considered as developed country?

Some political scientists will agree that Malaysia is a developed nation. On the other hand, many economists and political scientists will say that Malaysia is rapidly develop