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How many countries have no Muslims in the world?

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Every country has atleast one Muslim it in
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Which are the 44 Muslim countries in the world?

Afaganistan . Albania . Algeria . Bahrain . Bangladesh . Cameroon . Central African Republic . Chad . Dahomey . Egypt

Capitals of Muslim countries of the world?

COUNTRY CAPITAL 1. Afghanistan Kabul 2. Algeria Algiers 3. Azerbaijan Baku 4. Bahrain Al-Manama 5. Bangladesh Dhaka 6. Brunei Bandar Seri 7. Cameroon 8. Chad N'djamena 9. Chin

What are some Muslim countries in the world?

List of Countries with Muslim Population: . Libya . Maldives . Mauritania . Oman . Qatar . Saudi Arabia . Somalia . Western Sahara . Afghanistan . Algeria

How many Muslim countries are in the world?

Muslims are in every country some countries Muslims are a majority some countries Muslims are a minority. With the exception of India, Ethiopia, China and Russia the majorit

How many Muslims live in the world and in which countries?

According to the 2009 Pew research center's study (American btw) the Muslim population currently stands at 23% of world population. Indonesia holds the largest population of M

What country in the world has no Muslim residents?

Vatican. Vatican City State is a landlocked sovereign city-state whose territory consists of a walled enclave within the city of Rome. It has an area of approximately 44 hec

List of Muslim countries in the world?

Country Capital Currency Saudi Arabia Riyadh Saudi riyal Indonesia Jakarta Indonesian rupiah Pakistan Islamabad Pakistani rupee Bangladesh Dhaka Bangladeshi taka Nige
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How many Muslim countries are there in the world in 2010?

The latest statistics that are available is that of Pew Forum per October 2009. It states that there are 49 Muslim majority countries plus Bosnia ; namely as listed below: C