How many McDonalds are in Ohio?

I'm trying to find out who owns the McDonald's @ 225th & Lorain Avenue in Fairview Park, OH. Could you please provide me with a telephone number and name of that person. I n (MORE)

How many empolyees are at McDonald?

It depends on what you refer to as McDonald's. The corporation is made up of franchises and corporate, so it's impossible to get a direct count of ALL PEOPLE in the corporatio (MORE)

Is the meat at McDonald made out of cow poop?

Not exclusively. However, in the USA the USDA and meat packers have continually pressed Congress for laxer laws governing their industries (as has been the case with other org (MORE)

How many calories are in a McDonalds smoothie?

It depends on the type. Here are some examples based on nutritional info available on the McDonald's website. For example: . 180 calories in a McDonald's small size, 12 f (MORE)