How many days a baby lizard is born?

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How many babies can a lizard have?

most lizards lay around 10- 25 eggs but it depends on the following food source must be high to have more eggs fertile and must be in a secluded spot away from pr

How many babies can lizards have at a time?

Actually, I was just looking around to see how many babies Alligator lizards usually have and I ran across this page. I have several Alligator lizards and one of them has just

How are baby lizards born?

Baby lizards are born by having a male lizard and a female lizard you wait a couple months 2-5 and the female lizard will have some babies 1-3 eggs.

How many babies are born in Poland a day?

I'm estimating 1059/day for 2009 based on: 10.04 births per thousands population (estimated 2009) 38,482,919 population (estimated July 2009) 38,482,909/1000 population = 3

How many days after conception is a baby born?

About 38 weeks, or 266 days. But really, any time between 250-280days is a full term range (that's from conception... most dr'scount from the first day of your last period- wh

How many babys are born a day?

There is no set number of babys born on any given day. It varies for all sorts of reasons. Equally, there are nos set numbers for how many women become pregnant every day.