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How many days do Muslims believe God created the world?

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Muslims believe that Allah created the world in seven days
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Do Muslims believe in God?

Answer 1 Yes. (The Arabic word "Allah" literally means "the deity" and is used in approximately the same way as the phrase "THE LORD" is in the Christian Bible, to represent t

What god do Muslims believe in?

Muslims believe in one God called Allah The Muslims believe in No god, but ONE Almighty God (Called Allah in Arabic). They believe that Almighty God is the Sole Creator, Susta

Do Muslims believe that the sunah is the direct word of god?

No, Muslims believe that Sunnah is prophet Muhammad (PBUH) sayings and practices that they are commanded by God to follow as they follow also God commands per the holy book Qu

How do Muslims believe the world is going to end?

the Muslim believe that date of the end of the world will be unknown to anyone. The night and day will become indistinguishable and the mountains and everything on the planet

How do Muslims believe the world began?

Mulims believe that Allah (the Muslim god) said "Be" and suddenly the universe was there. he then formed the first man (Adam) out of clay. He told Adam everything there was t

Is Kim Sang Bum Muslim Any believer in God?

Kim Sang-Bum is a Korean born actor who is known for his role in the movie ñBoys Over Flowersî. His personal religious preference has not be publically disclosed.
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Why do Jews believe God created the world?

The Jewish people have a religion and virtually all religions  credit the head of their religion with being responsible for all  that we behold. Religions revere, and that i

Why do Christians believe that God created the world?

I could write pages and pages to answer this, but here is my simplified answer: If you look at nature around you, isn't it beautiful?! The trees sway in the breeze, the bird

Do Hindus believe in the same God as Muslims?

Muslisms believe in one creator God whom they call Allah, and he  has a distinct personality just like the Christian God, because  they refer to Him as creator as father, th
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Can you stop being a Muslim yet still believe in God?

No, you can't. It is not enough to believe in God. You should also  follow God commands in His holy book, follow the teachings of His  prophet, perform the ritual worships,

Why do Muslims not believe that Jesus is the Son of God?

Muslims believe that Jesus was a prophet and that he was sent to heaven. But, Muslims believe that Jesus wasn't killed on the cross. Instead, God (Allah) made one of the Jews