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How many days of sunshine does yuma AZ have a year?

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90% of sunshine/year = 328.5 days/year
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How many miles from Yuma Az to Westcliffe Co?

988 miles taking this route: Take I-8 EAST from Yuma to SR-85 to PHOENIX and AJO at EXIT 115.Follow signs to SR-85 NORTH; take SR-85 NORTH to I-10 EAST to Phoenix.Take I-10 E

How many miles from mesa AZ to yuma AZ?

201 miles taking this route: Take U.S. 60 WEST from Mesa to I-10 WEST to PHOENIX.Take I-10 WEST to I-8 to YUMA and SAN DIEGO via SR-85 SOUTH (EXIT 112 off I-10). Once you are