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How many days rest does a youth need between workouts?

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1 day is enough. Sometime 2 days.
Depend on your body.
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Do rest days help your overall workouts and fat burning?

Yes, they do.   Think of it this way: you do not grow muscle in the gym. What you do in the gym should stimulate muscle growth outside the gym, which means that recovery is

How many days you have to take rest after iui?

dear sir/madam am going to take iui, so howmany days should I take rest after iui and shall I go to my job (am working woman) (Like climbing steps, walking for too long...tra

How many days should you rest a group of muscles between workouts?

  Hi , you should probably spend 1-2 days of rest between your workouts. it also depends how hard you workout at your workout. if you do an easy workout then only rest one