How many deaths has ther been on the Swiss wall?

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How many deaths have their been in Africa?

about few thousand deaths every day in Africa and about couple of millions each year. at the other side there are also about few thousand little kids born every day. about

How many vampire deaths have there been?

Deaths caused because they thought someone was a vampire: a few hundreds, possibly. Deaths caused by people who thought they were vampires: Several tens. Deaths caused by vamp
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How many deaths have been in outerspace?

in actual space which is classed as 100km above the Earth there have been 6 Georgiy Timofeyevich Dobrovolsky (Russian: June 1, 1928, Odessa, Ukrainian SSR - June 30, 1971
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How many motocross deaths have there been?

there is no set number that has been recorded, however the ABD news had a story that continued to say that so far there have been 200.
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How many Swiss presidents has there been?

Switzerland has a different president every year. The first was Jonas Furrer in 1848. The current (2012) president is Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf. Some presidents have served
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What are facts about ther Berlin wall?

It was built one foot inside the territory of East Germany, so the West couldn't complain about encroachment. It wasn't legal for an East German to go within three meters of t