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How many different denominations of Christianity are there?

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During the past decade, a recent survey found over 30,000 organizations/buildings calling themselves 'Christian' with each having some degree of differences.
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The World Christian Encyclopedia estimated almost 21,000 denominations, and the updated World Christian Encyclopedia estimated at least 33,000.
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Why there are so many different denominations of Christianity today?

I don't want to be frank but Satan uses different religions andschemes to ensnare people. 1 John 4:1 says, "Beloved ones, do notbelieve every inspired statement, but test the

When do the different denominations of Christianity celebrate Christmas?

Those who follow the Gregorian calendar celebrate Christmas on 25 December: Catholics, Anglicans, Protestants, most Greek-speaking Orthodox Churches Those who follow the J

What are the different Christian denominations in the Bahamas?

The religious denominations in the Bahamas include Anglican, Assembly of God, Ba'hai Faith, Baptist, Bretheren, Christian & Missionary Alliance, Christian Science, Church of G

What are the differences between the various denominations of Christianity?

Christianity can be split into four main areas: Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant and Fringe groups. Most Roman Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant groups believe the same co

How many Christian denominations are there?

There are about 41,000 different Christian denominations in five  major 'families' of churches/communion. The percentages in brackets  indicate the percent of the Christian

Why does the Christian church have so many different denominations?

Christianity really isn't a church or a religion although there are  now churches that identify themselves as "The Christian Church"  etc... These church's are more purists

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Why are there so many different denominations within Christianity?

The Lord never intended for His church to be divided up into hundreds of competing groups teaching vastly different doctrines. The Lord is not the Lord of confusion. It is man

What are the different denominations of Christians?

1.Catholicism 2.Orthodoxy3.Protestantism(Lutherans,Baptist,Methodist,more)4.Nontrinitarian However, most do not consider those who are not believers in the Blessed Trinity (U

How does the Christian denomination differ from the Baptist denomination?

Answer   Anyone who believes that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, believing that Christ was born of the Virgin Mary, was crucified and rose again on the third day, payin

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What are the different Christian denominations?

         The larger Christian denominations are : (in order of numerical size): Catholic (both Roman and Eastern Rites), Eastern Orthodox (Russian, Greek, R

What is the difference between a Christian denomination and the Presbyterian denomination?

There is no difference. There are several smaller Presbyterian denominations; the major one is the Presbyterian Church USA. This is one of the major Protestant denominations i

Different Christian denomination beliefs?

As of 2012, there are about 45,000 Christian denominations in the  world. That is a great deal too many to list, but for the sake of  the question at hand, the attempt will

Why are there so many Christian denominations?

There are many different reasons.    Much of Christianity has been polluted by other false pagan  religions, which has led to differing beliefs and unscriptural  prac