How many dollars are in a million pennies?

10,000 dollars. One hundred pennies makes one dollar. So if 100P = 1D, then the equation you need to solve this problem is 1,000,000P = ?D. To get this, you'd divide the 1,000,000 by the original 100.
1,000,000 / 100 = 10,000.
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How many pennies does it take to make 1 million dollars?

I think that you can use simple math for this question. For Example, it takes 10 pennies to make 10 cents or a dime. It would take 50 pennies to make 50 cents or 2 quarters. I (MORE)

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How many pennies are in a million dollars?

100,000,000 pennies is 1 million dollars. 1,000,000 x 100 which is 100,000,000.
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How many pennies are in one million dollars?

There are 100 pennies in 1 dollar then there would be 10,000,000 pennies in one million dollars. 1 million = 1,000,000. Instead of penny say cent. Cent is the correct word fo (MORE)
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