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How many earths would it take to equal the mass of the sun?

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It would take about 333,000 earths to match the mass of the sun.
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Would you weigh the same on the sun as you do on earth?

You would have the same mass, but the gravitational attraction that the sun is providing would be hundreds of millions of times stronger than the Earth's gravitational attract

How many electrons equal the mass of one Proton?

1836 electrons equal the mass of 1 proton. A proton has a mass of 1.0073 amu, a neutron 1.0087 amu, and an electron 5.486 x 10-4. So, it would take 1836 electrons to equal t

How many Earths can fit on the diameter of the sun?

The sun has a diameter of 865 000 miles or 1.39 million kilometers. Its diameter is 109 times the diameter of earth.
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How many earth's would it take to equal 1 sun using mass?

The Sun is by far the largest object in our solar system. It contains 98% of the solar system's total mass. The Earth's mass is 5.9736×1024 kg. The Suns mass is 1.9891 ×1030