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How many electrons in calcium oxide?

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Calcium oxide - CaO
Ca: 20 electrons
Oxygen: 8 electrons
Total: 28
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How many valence electrons in calcium?

Calcium has 2 valence electrons.

How do you make an electron dot diagram of Calcium Oxide?

Calcium has 2 valence electrons while oxygen has 6 valence  electrons. When adding calcium and oxygen together, they form  calcium oxide or CaO, and calciums 2 valence elect

How many electrons does a calcium atom have?

The calcium atom has 20 electrons. The number of electrons in an atom are the same as the number of protons and the same as the atomic number.

How many electron clouds does calcium have?

More commonly referred to as shells, the number of electron clouds is the same as the period, or the row across on the periodic table, of the element. Since calcium is in the

How many electrons in calcium oxide molecule (CaO)?

Calcium has 20 electrons and oxygen has 8 electrons, so the TOTAL  number of electrons in CaO is 28. If you mean how many valence  electrons are used, then calcium uses 2 va