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Note : Many email programs allow you to view the size of your emails - this is the best source of your information.

This is of course dependent on the size of the email. From looking at my email inbox I find :
A Typical text-only email averages perhaps 2000 bytes.
The e-mails with attached files ( like bank statements and advertising offers) currently in my inbox run between 43,000 and 31,000,000 bytes.
Junk Mail in my box average about 5000 bytes.
Digital Photos can be quite large - assume they average 1000000 bytes when mailed.

So for my email inbox, assuming 1GB is 1073741824 bytes (that is 2^30) here is my quotas :

1GB=536870 text messages
1GB=1073 photos
1GB=30 large emails

If you are trying to decide if a 1gb email account is big enough, then the answer is probably - if you keep it cleaned out, and if you download any large attachments to your p.c.
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