How many faces does a right angle triaNGLE HAVE?

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This is a very simple one to know that all triangles including right angle triangle have 3 sides.
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How many right angles triangle has?

a triangle can have only one right angle because the sum of all the three angles of a triangle has to be 180. so if there are more than one right angles, the sum of the angles will exceed 180 and hence the plane figure will no longer be a triangle

How many right angles does a right triangle contain?

A Right Angle Triangle contains one right angle. A right angle has a magnitude of 90 テつー , or in radians (pi/2). A triangle has three angles forming the closed shape, the addition of which gives an angle of 180 テつー , or pi radians. With two right angles, the addition of these alone gives 180 テ (MORE)

How many right angles does a isosceles triangle have?

It can only have a maximum of one- and that is only if it is a right-angled isosceles triangle. ----------------------------------------------------- Yes not all isosceles triangles are right angle triangles - this is a special case.

How many right angles are there in a triangle?

On a flat surface only a right angled triangle has one 90 o angle (right angle.) The others angles total 90 o but aren'r 90 o in their own right. Once you move into other forms of geometry, such as triangles on the surface of the Earth, the number of right angles in a triangle can be 3. Example: (MORE)

How many degrees is in right angle triangle?

The right angle of a right-angle triangle, like all right angles, is 90 degrees or one quarter of 360 (a full circle). All the angles of any triangle will add up to 180 degrees.

How many right angles does a right triangle have?

A right triangle has only one right angle (a 90 degree angle), bydefinition. The sum of the other two angles equals 90 degrees, sothe sum of all three angles is 180 degrees. Every triangle, righttriangle or not, has three angles whose sum is 180 degrees. A right angle triangle has only 1 right angle (MORE)

A scalene triangle can have how many right angles?

A scalene or any other kind of triangle can have no more than one right angle, because a right angle = 90 degrees, a triangle must have total interior angles of 180 degrees and must have three angles. If there were two right angles, the third angle would have to be zero degrees, and the supposed tri (MORE)

What is the angle that a right angle triangle has?

The angle directly opposite the hypotenuse is always 90 o in a right angle triangle and if you know the other sides you can work out the other angles using one of the three trigonometry equations. Sin, Tan or Cos then use the inverse and you will get the degree.

How many right angles in a scalene triangle?

Any triangle can have a maximum of one right angle. Most right triangles are scalene triangles. The only non-scalene right triangle is a 45テつー - 45テつー - 90テつー isosceles right triangle. It is not possible to have an equilateral right triangle in plane geometry. A scalene triangle does not have to (MORE)

How many degrees in a regular right angled triangle?

-- Every triangle, no matter what its shape or size, has three angles inside it that add up to 180 degrees. -- Whyen you say "regular right angled triangle", I hope you don't mean that all three of its sides are the same length ... that's what "regular" usually means in geometry. It's impossible fo (MORE)

How many obtuse and acute angles can be in a right triangle?

In a right triangle, one of the angles is already given - 90 degrees. Since the angles of a triangle must add up to 180 degrees, the other two must always add up to 90, so that after you add the right angle, the sum is 180. So both of the other angles have to be less than 90. That is, they bot (MORE)

How many equal angles are there in a right angle triangle?

At most two: 45 degrees(deg) and 45 deg. Of course, there may beno equal angles, e.g. 30, 60 and 90 deg. As long as the angles addup to 180 deg and one is one right angle (90 deg) while the othertwo add up to 90 deg, the triangle is a right triangle.

How many sides does a right angled triangle?

ALL triangles have three sides and three angles. The three angles always add up to 180 degrees. A right angled triangle has one 90 degree right angle and twosmaller angles. No triangle can have any parallel sides. An equilateral triangle has three equal sides and therefore threeequal 60 degree angle (MORE)