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How many fat cells in human body?

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It depends from person to person, 70 billion is a roundabout number. some obese people can have up to 300 billion though. Scientist's argue back and forth if the number of cells actually increases as you get fatter, or if the fat cells just become larger.
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How are Fat cells important to the human body?

Fat cells store energy and function for use in times when food is scarce. The epidemic of obesity is due to the fact that food is rarely scarce in developed countries, but exe

How many cells does your human body have?

Some sources reveal that an adult human body have approximately 50 million million (50 trillion) cells, while others put the figure closer to 10 trillion, but some science tea

How many cells are in human bodies?

There are more than 10 trillion living cells in the human body!And some estimates go up to 200 trillion. Anyway you look at it, you have more cells in your body than there are

About how many cells are in a human body?

The answer to this is variable, due to two factors. Firstly, the number varies between people, and secondly, it is extremely difficult to measure. The best estimates put the f
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Who many cells does a human body have?

Nobody knows how many cells there are in a human body it would take ages and you would die by having to count them on. Scientists predict that there are over 10 - 50 trillion