How many feet before an expansion joint is installed in concrete sidewalk?

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10 feet.
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What is the use of expansion joints in reinforced concrete structures?

Bridges are subjected to incredible forces of wind heat and cold. They need to expand and contract to prevent them cracking or buckling. Expansion joints are devices that are

What is expansion contraction joint how concrete expands contracts?

Concrete expands as it gets warmer and contracts as it gets colder. Left to itself these size changes can lead to cracks occurring, if different parts of the structure heats u

Why do concrete roads have compression expansion joints?

Concrete pavement always develops cracks. Unless expensiveadditives are included, the pavement block will shrink slightlyduring curing - and soon crack. Pavement expands when

When installing a new PC should you install expansion cards before of after you install the OS?

Usually after. Install the basic or minimum components first: motherboard, CPU, RAM, hard-drive and optical drive. If the motherboard does not have built-in graphics (most do

How do you install expansion joint in reinforced concrete?

Expansion joint's specification depends structure to structure. It depends upon its use rather the purpose it is for. Material used for expansion joint is Neoprene sheet of 5