How many feet do sound waves travel per second?

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At sea level in air sound travels approximately 1125 ft/s, however it changes depending on the material in which it travels. For instance, it travels faster in water.
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How many feet per second does sound travel?

1100 feet Update: You're just about right. Technically, though, it's a little over: 761 miles = 4018080 feet 1 hour = 3600 seconds ~1116 constitutes supersonic flight

How many feet per second is the sound barrier?

The speed of sound is 760 mph there is a simple maths equation to find out what it is in fps. I have done this and have figured out that: 760 mph (The sound barrier) is 1114.

How many feet per second is the speed of sound?

Notice: The speed of sound changes with temperature and a little bit with humidity − but not with air pressure (atmospheric pressure). The words "sound pressure at se