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How many feet does a car travel at 50 mph?

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That depends upon for how long it is moving:

Every day it will travel 50 miles/hr x 5280 ft/mile x 24 hr/day = 6336000 ft/day
Every hour it will travel 6336000 ft/day ÷ 24 hr/day = 264000 ft/hr
Every minute it will travel 264000 ft/hr ÷ 60 min/hr = 4400 ft/min
Every second it will travel 4400 ft/min ÷ 60 sec/min = 731/3 ft/sec ≈ 73.33 ft/sec

* Added - The simple formula that should be used is converting MPH to feet per second (FPS). This is done by multiplying by 1.467, or for an easy rough estimate, 1.5. This result in 50mph = 73.35 fps. This is the method most often used by engineers and accident investigators. This can be used for determining braking distances for a car as well, once the deceleration rate is identified.
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How many feet will a car travel at 50 mph?

50 miles per hour is 50 * 5280 (feet per mile) per hour = 264000 feet per hour and then, depending on how long a time period you're interested in...you could just divide the 2

At 50 mph how many feet will a vehicle travel in 2 seconds?

distance = speed x time However we first must convert seconds to hours before we can use this formula. 60 x 60 = 3600 second in an hour. So 2 seconds = 2/3600 = 1/1800 of