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How many feet long is an aircraft carrier?

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USS Ronald Reagan is one of the latest nuclear aircraft carriers. It is nearly as long as the Empire State Building is tall at 1,092 feet (333 m) and is 134 feet (41 m) wide at the beam and has a flight deck 252 feet (77 m) wide
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How long is an aircraft carrier?

  During WW2 the longest US Carrier was the USS Lexington (888 feet), sunk during the Battle of the Coral Sea in May 1942.   The USS Midway was 972 feet long, but was c

How many people on an aircraft carrier?

The current generation USS Nimitz supercarriers (the largest ever built) require a crew of about 3200 sailors, and an aircrew of about 2500. The next-generation Ford-class s

How many aircraft carrier china have?

China currently does not have any aircraft carriers in service. However during the late 90's an ex-Soviet aircraft carrier called the Varyag was purchased by a commercial Ch

How many aircraft carrier russia have?

they had one back in 2008 that worked and they used they was suppose to be building another 6 new ones weather they did i would not know

How many kitchens are on an aircraft carrier?

There are 24 hour kitchens on most of the decks of an aircraft carrier. They have to feed over 5000 people three times a day any time of the day due to 24 hour shifts.

How many aircraft carrier did India have?

INDIA have 1 aircraft carrier is ins virat (ins vikrant) and secnd it could be in 2012-2015 and ins VIRAT would be retired in 2015....think so and India will have 2-3 aircraft

How many aircrafts on a carrier?

On WWII US fleet carriers usually around 80, on Japanese carriers a few less, 70 or so, and on British carriers still less. The US operated more carriers than any other nati