How many gallons of water are there in a pool that is 18 feet round by 4 feet deep?

Answer . If you mean 18 feet in circumference (around the outside measurement). Circumference = pi x D , 18 = pi x D , Diameter = 5.730 feet Area = pi x r squared, Area = (MORE)

How many gallons is in a pool that is 18 x 36 feet and 4 feet deep?

Answer . The volume of water in a rectangular pool will be the mathematical product of the length and width of the pool and the water depth.. In this case, then, the volu (MORE)

How many gallons are in a pool 18 feet x 38 feet that is 5 feet in the deep end and 3 feet in the shallow end?

That is not enough information to tell you how many gallons are in the pool. The length/width of the deep/shallow end individually are needed for an approximation. I can (MORE)