How many gallons of gasoline are used in the US each year?

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The U.S consumed about 64.3 billion gallons of finished motor gasoline in 2008. There are approximately 43 gallons of motor gasoline per barrel (and 19.6 gallons can be refined from each barrel of crude oil). This statistic does not include other distillates such as jet fuel and heating oil.

The estimated use by the US Department of Energy was higher:
For 2010, it was estimated at 138 billion gallons.
For 2011, projected use was 142 billion gallons (9.12 million barrels a day).
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The official statistics according to the EIA (Energy Information Administration) are that the US uses 9,253,000 barrels/day or 388.6 million gallons/day . Read more: http:

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As of 2011, about 142.5 billion gallons of Gasoline are used each year in the United States, at the approximate rate of 392 million gallons per day. This is based on an offic
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