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About 660,000 gallons
Dimensions of a regular Olympic-sized swimming pool are 2 meters deep, 25 meters wide, and 50 meters long.
  • 25 x 50 = 1,250
  • 1,250 x 2 = 2,500
So that means there are 2,500 cubed meters in the Olympic-sized pool. A 1 meter cubed is equivalent to about 264 gallons.
  • 2,500 x 264 = 660,000

660,000 is your answer then.

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How many gallons of water in the average swimming pool?

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This is a question of volume. Assuming the pool is round and is 10 feet in diameter and 30 inches deep or high, we can apply the formula for volume of a cylindrical shape: V =

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If the pool is 50m by 25m and is 2m deep then it will have 2,500 kilolitres of water in it. It's volume would be 2,500 metres cubed:) 50m by 25m by 2m is the standard Olympic

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The length has to be 50m and the width has to be 25m to be an Olympic size swimming pool. An Olympic size swimming pool also has to be at least 2m deep. So a minimum volume of