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How many gallons of water does a 24 ft by 4 ft swimming pool hold?

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A pool that is 24 by 4ft could hold an approximately 11,848 gallons of water when total full.
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How many gallons does a 24 ft round pool hold if 4 ft deep?

45,000 litres Could have sworn question asked GALLONS... Easiest way to close enough answer is Diameter * Diameter * average depth * 5.9, in this case: 24 * 24 * 4 * 5.9 = 1

How many gallons of water does a 15 ft x 3 ft pool hold?

A fifteen foot diameter round pool, three feet deep has a volume of 530.144 cubic feet, this converts to 3965.752 US gallons..

How many gallons in a 24 x 4 ft pool?

You appear to be missing a piece of information. How deep is the pool? If we assume (for the sake of discussion) that the pool is only 1 ft deep, then the total volume of the