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Winter 2013

According to an interview on Harvard School Public Health,

"[It's] [a]bout 1,600 gallons. That figure surprises a lot of people. Most of us think about our direct-consumption use of water: How many times do I flush the toilet? How long is my shower? And those are obviously important for understanding how one person depletes local water resources..."

"But if you start thinking larger, you'll see that... It takes 52 gallons of water to make one glass of milk. It takes more than 600 gallons to make a quarter-pound hamburger. It takes 2,800 gallons to make a pair of jeans. Our daily lives carry a giant water footprint."

As senior lecturer on aquatic chemistry in the School's Department of Environmental Health, James Shine has explored the role of clean, safe, and accessible water in human health, focusing on the effects of contaminants in rivers and lakes. Shine spoke recently with Harvard Public Health editor Madeline Drexler.

You'll find here on the web lots of places that say the average water consumption use per person or American is 80 to 200 gallons of water, well it is all a LIE. Anything less than about 1000 should not even be considered because the AVERAGE American does not consume that. The only people that consume anything less than 1000 are the minority population of people who really don't use that much water. Whether by choice, awareness of the environmental issue, to poor people, etc., these people aren't the average.

USGS gov's an other sites are probably averaging the population of a different country or a specific area or section, that is why the numbers differentiate on every website government or health website.

Here is the Link to the info I found from the Harvard Public Health interview:

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