How many generals died in world war 1?

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78 British and Dominion officers of the rank of Brigadier General and above died on active service in the First World War while a further 146 were wounded. These figures alone show that, contrary to popular belief, British Generals frequently went close enough to the battle zone to place themselves in considerable danger.
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How many soldiers died in World War 1?

Estimates vary, but around 10 million (10,000,000) soldiers of all belligerents lost their lives in the First World War. (About another 9 million civilians died.) Several answers have been added for this question, but note that the question asks specifically about military deaths . (All fi (MORE)

How many US soldiers died in World War 1?

United States Casualties in World War I . mobilized forces 4,734,991 Killed or died1 116,516 Wounded204,002 Prisoners or missing / Total casualties 320,518 . On November 11, 1918 the two opposing armies called the AlliedForces and the Central Powers declared an Armistice and the firstworld war cam (MORE)

How many people died in World War 1?

Eight million soldiers, including more than 50,000 Americans died. An estimated 12 million civilians died. German's losses 1,700,000 killed and over 4,200,000 wounded. France had 1,300,000 deaths and over 4,200,000 wounded. The estimated total number of people killed during WW1 (including civilia (MORE)

How many British soldiers died in World War 1?

British war dead in World War 1 (1914-1918): About 880,000 men fromthe United Kingdom, plus a further 200,000 from other countries inthe British Empire and Commonwealth. (Over 6 million Russiansoldiers died.)

How many civilians died in World War 1?

Answer . It is estimated that around 85- 100 million people were killed in World War I. it is estimated that around 5191,000 in the Central Powers, 3,674,757 in the Entente Powers and an estimated 1,892 in the neutal nations. . . (MORE)

How many people were injured or died in World War 1?

Answer \n. \nThis is very detailed information about your question.\n. \nRussian side.\n. \nMilitary dead:\n5,525,000\nMilitary wounded:\n12,831,500\nMilitary missing:\n4,121,000\n. \nGreman side.\n. \n\nMilitary dead:\n4,386,000\nMilitary wounded:\n8,388,000\nMilitary missing:\n3,629,000

How many women died in World War 1?

As a result of fighting or due to disease etc or just how manywomen died during 1914-1918? The Russians had some women battalions and it is thought between400-2000 died on the front line from both sides. The number raisesmore when you count civilian deaths from the war not directly to dowith fightin (MORE)

How many troops died in World War 1?

Different countries often provide multiple sets of figures, in part because those who were wounded later die of their wounds and their status is then changed. Another variable is that provided for those listed as missing in action. Some will be located as prisoners, some will be confirmed as killed (MORE)

How many Australian troops died in World War 1?

During World War 1 (1914-1918) over 420,000 Australians served invarious services and arenas; out of that approximately 60,000 losttheir lives (14%) and 137,000 were wounded (32% of the total whoserved). Australian (as well as New Zealand) troops served with distinctionin many famous battles during (MORE)

How many people died in world war 1 from infection?

It is estimated about 15 percent of wounded soldiers died frominfection. However, this number is argued as a lack of modernknowledge made it difficult to determine if death was caused fromthe wound itself, subsequent infection, or from diseases that ranrampant among soldiers. The death rate from inf (MORE)

How many people died in World War 1 and ww2?

In WW1, history experts estimate around 16.5 million and in WW2,anywhere from 50-70 million, others say 72 million. Combining bothwould roughly give 88.5 million people deceased from both WorldWars.

How many canadian civilians died in world war 1?

While over 67,000 Canadians died fighting in WWI few remember the thousands of Canadian civilians that died. Officially only 2,000 died but many more died in the Merchant Marine. They were not military but were none the less targeted by German navy including U-boats. Thousands died at sea. They knew (MORE)

How many pilots died in World War 1?

About 16 million all together died in the war, about 9.8 millionwere soldiers. So with that in mind I'd say it wouldn't be much more than 1million, if that. ----------------------------- The numbers of aircraft in World War 1 were very small. Some of themost successful designs were produced in nu (MORE)

How many people dies in World War 1?

Military Deaths by Country: (This does not include civlilian deaths. Many died due to starvation including 750,000 in Germany) So the actual death toll far exceeds the number of military deaths alone). Germany: 1,773,000. Russia: 1,700,000. France: 1,385,000. Austria-Hungary: 1,200,000. Britain (MORE)

How many animals died in world war 1?

Many animals were a causality of the first world war. Tens ofthousands of horses were lost, thousands of mules, thousands ofdonkeys, hundreds of carrier pigeons, thousands of dogs andmillions of rats.

How many American troops died in World War 1?

58,268 in countig Another Answer: (The figure you have above is the number of Americans killed in the Vietnam War (1961-1973). Total WWI Americans killed was 117,465. And we were only in the war for just over 8 months.

How many refugees died in World War 1?

As there are no definite figures on the amount of deaths duringWorld War 1, it is estimated that ten million refugees lost theirlives. This number includes the refugees from all countriesinvolved in said war.

How many German pilots died in World War 1?

Many German pilots died in world war two I'm pretty sure no one is exactly for sure but there may be some one out there who does know and type any comments and if you have any corrections please make them thanks

How many people died in World War 1 a day?

\nDepends which day.\n. \nTotal deaths (including missing in action): 12688500\n. \nLength of war: 28 June 1914 – 11 November 1918, so about 1800 days.\n. \nabout 7050 per day on average.\n. \nOn 1st July 1916, the British army lost 19,240 men.

How many Us Marines died in World War 1?

Just over 2,000: . THE UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS IN THE WORLD WAR. (From report of Major Edwin N. McClellan. U. S. Marine Corps, Officer in Charge of Historical Division.) When a state of war was declared to exist on April 6, 1917, the United States Marine Corps was composed of 462 commissioned (MORE)

How many people died in World War 1 overall?

Approximately 39 million military casualties. This number is highly disputed with most scholars using higher figures. This does not include civilian deaths which would about double this number. Records from WWI are poor so most numbers given are educated guesses. Germany, Russia, Austria Hungary and (MORE)

How many dogs died in World War 1?

well in the small conflict of the spielstb war in nimibia Africa German men had numbers of 30 000 and Africans had about 20 000 literally all of the Nazis had dogs until Africans dropped a 4 ton carpet bomb and killed over 50 000 including civilians so..............................oh yeh the year (MORE)

How many Americans fought and died in World War 1?

Well over one million US troops reached France. Another million was in the pipeline when the war ended. The US sent over forty infantry division to France. US WWI divisions were huge, around 28,000 men, almost three times bigger than those of any other combatant nation. Just over 100,000 American (MORE)

How many Muslims died in World War 1?

Pre WW1 (events leading up to WW1), WW1 and post WW1, it is estimated that 4-5+ million Muslim civilians were massacred as a result of Balkan nations rebelling against the Ottoman Empire. Deaths caused by the Ottmans their selves and blockades by the Allied Powers.... Please read Jeremy Salt- The (MORE)

How many soldiers died by gas in World War 1?

Overall, relatively few, though the psychological impact was great. Gas was generally very ineffective as a weapon (it was prone to be carried on the wind to places not originally intended), and tended to cause more injuries than deaths. Overall, the three major gases used in WW1 (chlorine, phospho (MORE)

How many veterans died during World War 1?

The veterans of World War I are the *survivors* of the war, not thefatalities. There is no record of how many veterans of other wars(Mexican War, Civil War, Spanish-American War) died when theyreturned to service in World War I.