How many genes does an e.coli chromosome contain?

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The E coli genome contains 4,377 genes.
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How many genes are there in one chromosome?

The number of genes varies. Most of any chromosome consists of non-coding DNA, which does not contain any genes. Each chromosome has many chromatins. One gene consists of many chromatins. Therefore, one chromosome could have many genes.

What are genes and chromosomes?

A gene is a specific region of DNA that codes for a particular protein. A chromosome is a long, continuous thread of DNA that consists of numerous genes and regularity information

Do genes contain chromosomes?

No - chromosomes contain genes. A chromosome is a long strand of DNA coiled up into the 'X' shape you see in textbooks/under a microscope. A gene is simply a section of DNA that codes for a protein. So a gene is simply a small piece of a chromosome. Sources: undergraduate studies in biology.

How many genes are in human chromosomes?

23 from mom 23 from dad = 46 ^^^^^^^^^^^^ This answer is incorrect. The answer above answers the question: How many chromosomes are in the human genome? Chromosomes are made up of genes and in the human body there are 23 pairs of chromosomes, the human genome is theorized to have 20,00 (MORE)

How many genes do chromosomes have?

hundreds and thousands, no one probaly knows for sure. Genes make us what we are from our hair colour to our gender, our insulin production ect.. there are loads

What molecule contains many genes?

The molecule that contains genes is called DNA or Deoxyribonucleic Acid. This very very long chain molecule is a polymer of structures called Nucleotides which are made up of three parts. All nucleotides have the same pentose sugar called reibose as the central unit. From this sugar projects a phosp (MORE)

How many chromatids does a chromosome contain?

If we use the word "chromatid", there are always two . (As with twins!) . In a eukaryotic cell immediately after cell division (mitosis or meiosis), each chromosome contains only one DNA molecule. . If the cell is preparing for a subsequent division, then midway through interphase the DNA repli (MORE)

How many genes do your bodies contain?

As of April 2003 researchers estimated that building a human would require only about 24,500 genes (the mustard seed plant has about 25,000 and fruit flies about 13,000). When analysis of the draft human genome sequence was published in February 2001, there was estimated to be only about 30,000 to 4 (MORE)

How many genes are on the human X and Y chromosomes?

Nobody knows yet exactly how many genes there are on any human chromosome. Here are some recent figures: . X chromosome 1529 genes (155 million base pairs) Y chromosome 344 genes (57 million base pairs). . However, these should be regarded as approximate while scientists work towards (MORE)

How many chromosomes does a human zygote contain?

46 23 from each parent...unless there is a mutation.. Hi sorry to but in, but i was just wondering. If a human zygote contains 46 chromosomes and then total chromosomes they have is 46. Then if a mouse has 40 chromosomes would it's zygote be 40 as well? I have Biology homework and i was just won (MORE)

How many chromosomes does a germ cell contain?

23. Germ cells (sperm and egg cells) are haploid, which is to say they possess half of the total number of chromosomes found in somatic cells. Somatic cells in humans have two sets of 23 unique chromosomes for a total of 46 chromosomes. .

Do chromosomes contain genes?

Technically, the correct answer is no since . However, if you want a bold answer that isn't specific, the answer is yes. the answer depends on how specific you need to be. Chromosomes are made up of DNA and DNA is made up of genes.

Do you think the y chromosome contains genes that are critical for an organisms survival?

Yes, the y chromosome is critical for survival, for males at least. It contains the DNA (or genes) for the genetic make up of a male's body. No, I don't think so because Y chromosomes just dermine the sex. If it was critical to life then no girl would be alive because they don't have Y chromose. Y c (MORE)

How many chromosomes do the organism's gametes contain?

4 chromosomes 2N means diploid, so the diploid number of the organism is 8. Gametes are haploid cells (N), so they will have half the number of chromosomes as the diploid cell. The diploid cell has 8. 8 divided by 2 is 4..

What are the genes and chromosomes?

Genes is what is passed on to child to child. It is commonly referred to as traits. Genes is what makes your looks. For example, if you have a curly hair gene from your father, it means you have curly hair. Obtaining your father's curly hair is random though, it's all genetics really.. Chromosomes (MORE)

How many genes are found on each of your chromosomes?

Humans have 46 chromosomes (23 pairs), chromosomes are long strands of genes, and since the chromosomes come in pairs, so do the genes. There are 25,000 genes in the entire human genome, and since the haploid chromosome number is 23, there are about 100's of genes on the shorter chromosomes and app (MORE)

Does a gene contain hundreds of chromosomes?

No, it's the other way round a chromosome conatins many genes. On humans one can contain anywhere between hundreds or thousands of genes, some are longer than others .. A map of the human genome lives here:

What are genes chromosomes?

They are made from DNA. Genes are short sections of DNA.Genetically identical cells are produced by a type of cell divisioncalled mitosis.

How many genes do humans have on their chromosomes?

In recent study it has been found that there are about 20,000 to 25,000 genes in our genome. Most of the sequences in our genome does not code for anything. Junk DNA or introns constitute about 90% of our genome.

How many genes do chimpanzees have on their chromosomes?

It would be very likely that chimpanzees have about as many genes as we humans have, which was found to be about 22 thousand. It could potentially increase, but with our techniques getting better and better, it would not increase very much. For example, it wouldn't increase from the year 2012's numb (MORE)

How many genes are on a chromosome?

It depends on the chromosome and species. Chromosomes come in different sizes and with different numbers of genes per chromosome. Gene number isn't necessarily dependent on how big the chromosome is, either. Human chromosome 19, for example, is one of the smaller human chromosomes but has the most g (MORE)

How many chromosomes does a nucleus contain?

That depends on what organism the cell belongs to. A nucleus of a normal human cell contains 46 chromosomes, whereas this is a double chromosome set, i.e. we have 23 pairs of chromosomes that are used for the same functions. Two chromosomes that fulfill the same functions are called homologous. (MORE)

Why would Y chromosome be unlikely to contain any of the genes that are absolutely necessary for survival?

The Y chromosome does not contain genes that are critical for human survival because it carries only the genes necessary for determining the sex of the child (specifically that of a male.) It does little else than direct the development of male traits. So, although it is necessary for reproduction, (MORE)

What chromosome contains a gene that causes the gonads of an embryo to develop testes?

If you're a mammal, the key gene that initiates gonad development into testes (the Sry gene) is located on the Y chromosome. However, be aware that while gene necessary for the initiation of the male developmental program is located on the Y chromosome, many genes absolutely essential for complete t (MORE)

How many genes do eukaryote chromosomes carry?

Sorry - there's just no easy answer there. Some chromosomes are enormous and carry many genes, others are puny and contain very few genes. And chromosomes also differ in what proportion of their DNA is actually coding DNA. To give you a sense of the range, according to (a great genome br (MORE)

How many human cells contain chromosome?

Every single cell, regardless of being human or not, contains chromosomes, but only when dividing or reproducing. It cells' normal state, their DNA is not wound up in chromosomes, but freely floating around the nucleus.