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How many giant stars are there in the universe?

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Nobody can really tell. There are an estimated 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 (100 quintrillion) probably more.

Of those it's estimated to be about 3,000,000,000,000,000 (3 thousand trillion) will be hypergiants.
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Why there is darkness in the universe as sun and many stars are present there?

Literally because it is so big. It is impossible for a human mind to imagine how big it is. There is so little out there relative to to the distance between each object. The n

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How many stars are in the universe?

Based on current estimates, there are between 200 - 400 billion stars in our galaxy (The Milky Way). There are possibly 100 billion galaxies in the Universe. So taking the ave

Give a example of giant star?

Mira, thuban or Arcturus are some examples. Giants are around 10 to 100 times larger than our own sun (by diameter). Supergiants and hypergiants are bigger still.

How many stars and galaxies are there in the universe?

The answer has to be estimated; for many reasons no one can ever know the exact numbers, whatever that might mean in this context. Estimates of the number of galaxies in the u

What stars are giant?

In relation to us, all stars are giants. In relation to the Earth, most stars are giants. In relation to our Sun, very few are giants. The types of giant stars, are gian

What is a blue giant star made of?

A blue giant star is made of the same material as other stars. It  is made of several types of gases that burn very hotly.

How is the sun different from a giant star?

The only difference between the sun and a giant star is that the  sun is visible during the day, while other stars are not. The sun  seems more intense than other stars in t

Why is a red giant star red?

As stars go, it is the coolest of the types - it is analogous to heating metal in a blast furnace. First it is red hot, them more yellow than red, then white hot, and finally

Is the blue giant star the hottest star?

  Yes, Blue giant stars are the hottest class of stars. (for previous the answerers information, betelgeuse is a RED supergiant)

How many earth fit in the super giant star?

One of the largest stars known is YZ Canis Majoris. It is a Red Hypergiant star estimated to be up to 2,100 times the diameter of the Sun. This gives us a diameter of about 2,

How many stars there are in universe?

The most recent estimates place the number of stars in the observable universe at around 1023. That's a 1 with twenty-three zeros after it. More precisely, that would be 100 s

How many stars are there in the universe?

In the observable universe there are about 10 billion galaxies.Assuming galaxies have an average of 100 billion stars each, theobservable universe has about 1 billion trillion
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What is Bigger a Hyper Giant Star or Super Giant Star?

Hypergiants are super luminous supergiants. It isn't all about sheer size. Eta Carinae is a hypergiant but it is smaller than the supergiant Antares. This is due to the fact t

How many stars are there in the observable universe?

Answer 1: Hundreds of billions of billions. Updated: As of 2009, it was estimated to be around 1023 stars in the observable universe. However, it was recently discovered

How many stars observable to the naked eye are in the universe?

In general terms, with people of normal vision, there are in  total around 8,000 stars observable with the naked eye.  This breaks down to 4,000 in the north, and 4,000 in t

How many red giants stars are there?

Relatively few, at least if you consider it as a percentage of all the stars. Many stars will eventually become red giants, but since this is a stage that only lasts a few mil