How many goats are in the world?

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Around 700 Million, It's in my University Science book!
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How many stomachs do goats have?

Goats are ruminants (similar to sheep and cattle) and as such have four stomachs - the rumen, the reticulum, the omasum and the abomasum.

How many of them goat bharat ratna?

Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (1954) · C. Rajagopalachari (1954) · C. V. Raman (1954) · Bhagwan Das (1955) · Mokshagundam Visvesvarayya (1955) · Jawaharlal Nehru (1955) · Govind Ballabh Pant (1957) · Dhondo Keshav Karve (1958) · Bidhan Chandra Roy (1961) · Pur (MORE)

How many babies can a fainting goat have?

Depending on their breeding, they have 1-4 (their are always exceptions), but 4 usually is very hard for them to feed on their own. A usual amount would be twins, but I have some that are known for triplets and know of some that are know for quads. Jessica

What is the best breed of a goat in the world?

it depends on what breed your looking at. As for milk breeds, the saanen is very useful. a nonprofitable goat would most likely be a pygmy or Nigerian dwarf goat In my opinion toggenburgs and british alpines are the best!

How many babies do goats have?

Baby goats are called 'kids' and twins (2 kids) are the usual result, with single (1 kid) and triplet (3 kids) births also common.

How many goats are born at once?

Goats can have up to three babies. We have a goat named Merry and she was pregnant. And she was FAT i mean FAT!!! we thought she would have three babies. But she ended up having one big one! So... if you have a fat pregnant goat. You might be fooled cause she could end up having only one!

How many kids does a goat have?

usually, depending on the breed a goat has 1 to 4 kids. the average is 2. although, it has been known for goats to have up to 5.

How many sheep and goats in the world?

(Sheep In millions) People's Republic of China 158 Australia 102 India 63 Iran 54 Sudan 48 New Zealand 40 United Kingdom 36 South Africa 25 World Total 1,060 (over one billion) Source: UN Food & Agriculture Organisation 2004 Goats are usually reduced to small mountaino (MORE)

How many goats can you have per acre?

It all depends on the kind of pasture, if you give them supplementary feed, your average rainfall and the productivity and breed of goats being grazed - normally not more than 8 DSE per acre.

How many babbie's does a goat have a year?

That's a tricky question. Goats have a 5 month gestation period and can have from 1-5 kids per kidding with twins being the norm. The most common breeding cycle for goats is three kiddings in two years. Hope this helps.

How many poos do goats do a day?

Goats poo many times a day! Seems like they poo all the time! If you don't have goats, you may be surprised to learn that their poos are small like rabbit poo. It's not big and nasty like cow poo. :) Goats also digest seeds completely, so they are good for clearing weeds and brush. They do not poo (MORE)

Heaviest goat breed in the world?

One of the heaviest goat breeds in the world is the Anglo Nubian.It is also the tallest. The males of this breed weigh as much as309 pounds.

How many time do you feed a goat?

Can't answer. Diffenent reasons for feeding, or not. Each goat has a purpose, and that purp[ose determines whether or not to feed, and how much, how often. Hay and water, 24/7 for ALL is necessary.

How many hours does it take a goat to have a kid?

If you don't know the answer to that, and your goat is in labor, you're someone who should have done some reading in advance. You're unprepared to help your goat kid. Labor in goats usually lasts about 12 hours.

How many teeth does a goat has?

As a goat ages more of their front teeth will come in up until the age of 5. When the goat has all his/her teeth provided none have fallen out there should be 8 bottom teeth. Goats have a strong pad in the upper jaw instead of teeth. They do have some molars in the back of the upper jaw.

How many tooth goat has?

Mature goats will have 32 teeth, 24 molars and eight incisors. To learn more about goat teeth, view the following related link.

How many pregnancies can a goat have in 1 year?

Goats gestation is 150 days so they can have two pregnancy's in one year. Although it is preferable that they only have one pregnancy per year as once the kid is born, it or they (twins, triplets, quads) will be suckling from the doe and she will be producing as much milk as she can (for the next 13 (MORE)

What is the ugliest duckling in the world goat?

The ugliest duckling is mr hoolahoopjumper. he is never allowed to say jibber jabber in the pouring rain or go to aquariums wearing a jumpsuit. Love From the yellow unicorn who likes cat milk and chocolate peanut soup when the polish hamster says 'I' and who litter picks on a Saturday noon when the (MORE)

How many syllables in goat?

I believe that there is only one syllable in the word goat (according to the Revised Scholastic Children's dictionary.)

How many goats for 77 acres?

It depends on the breed of goat, the size it could grow to, what it produces (meat, fibre, milk, progeny), the type of pasture grown, the annual rainfall and whether you are prepared to supplementary feed and also how often you are prepared to treat your goats for internal parasites. But basically (MORE)

How many goats per acre?

around 20 if small the largeer the less you can keep goats in quite small pens if they are regulalrly visited and socialised with- never keep just one goat though!

How many in a Nubian goat litter?

It depends on the strength and velocity of the male Nubian father's seed. Usually about 5-6 in a litter, maybe more depending on diet.

What is the goat capital of the world?

There is no place known as the goat capital of the world, althoughTobago is known as the goat racing capital of the world, as goatracing originated there. Mill County in Texas is referred to as themeat goat capital of the U.S. Goats outnumber people in MillsCounty.

How many goats for 130 acres?

It depends on the breed of goat, the production level, the pasture available, whether you are supplementary feeding and your average rainfall but normally no more than 8 DSE/ha - so 168 goats