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How many grains of rice are in one half cup?

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14,500 grains
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How many grains of rice are in a one pound bag of long grain rice?

    According to Producer's Rice Mills, there are over 29,000 grains in  a pound of long grain white rice.    You'd have slightly fewer for long grain brow

How many cups is 1000 grains of rice?

Approximately 7,200 grains of rice per cup when assuming that the average weight of a cup of rice is about 7 oz or 217724 mg and a grain of rice is between 20~24 mg.
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How many grams is half a cup of rice?

It depends on the type of rice means its cooked or uncooked. If it  is uncooked then it is 92 grms approx and if it is cooked then it  is equal to 87 grms approx.