How many Grammys has Metallica won?

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  • 1990: Best Metal Performance - "One"
  • 1991: Best Metal Performance - "Stone Cold Crazy"
  • 1992: Best Metal Performance - Metallica
  • 1999: Best Metal Performance - "Better than You"
  • 2000: Best Hard Rock Performance - "Whiskey in the Jar"
  • 2001: Best Rock Instrumental Performance - "The Call of Ktulu" with Michael Kamen and the San Francisco Symphony
  • 2004: Best Metal Performance - "St. Anger"
  • 2009: Best Metal Performance - "My Apocalypse"
  • 2009: Best Recording Package - Death Magnetic
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\n. \nThey have won 7 and have been nominated for 13\n. \nThey have won a total of 19 awards and have been nominated for 49.\n. \n**Copied from Wikipedia**\n. \n \n. \n

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