How many hits a day does bing get?

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A ton of people go on bing because maybe the pictures or because of 'hotmail'. I would estimate around 10 trillion people visit bing per day. Welcome :P.
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What was Bing Crosby's golf score the day he died?

He shot an 85. He suffered a massive heart attack after the last hole and on his way to the club house. Some of his final words were ", 'That was a great game of golf, fellas'". From the AP: . MADRID (AP 10/15/77) -- Bing Crosby, 73, whose crooning voice and relaxed humor entertained millions w (MORE)

How many hits does Google get a day?

According to comScore, in October 2009, Americans logged in over9.6 billion searches. Divide that by 30 (days in a month) and youget 320 zillion searches a day. Worldwide, there are over 2000000000000 billion searches on Googlea day, CNBC just had a special on it, and that was the number theyused. (MORE)

How many golf balls does Tiger Woods hit a day?

I have heard VJ Singh hits the most golf balls per day at around 1,000 to 1,200. Tiger is rumored to hit around a 1,000 per day when practicing. I think this counts chipping and putts and golf rounds!

Can you gain weight in 2 days of binge eating?

Yes!. If you eat but don't use the energy, you will gain weight. This goes regardless of how much you eat. Some athletes take in ridiculously amounts of food but don't gain weight due to the sheer amount of exercise they do.. So, I suppose, if you do enough exercise to counteract your binging then (MORE)

How many fingers does BING has?

Bing bong has lots of fingers. she have 2 hands, the left and the right. hold them up high so clean and bright. clap them softly 1 2 3, clean little hands are good to see.

How many hits does Craigslist get a day?

\n. \nIt is a very good question you ask because Craigslist gets a truly remarkable amount of traffic.\n. \nAs a web analyst I would first like to point out that 'hits' is a concept that is rarely used these days. The short version of the reason why is that 'Hits' can refer to everything from visi (MORE)

How many times a day is a woman hit on?

It really depends.. What she looks like (approchable or unapprochable), what she wears everyday, where she goes habitually, who and where she lives around.. Examples:. (1) My Fiance is a chunky (very attractive curves), large breasted woman with a very pretty face and pink hair. She wears pretty, (MORE)

How many teenagers binge drink?

it is unsure how many do but it is not good for them because nearly everytime they do they could do something they will kill someone or even themselves

How many kids did bing Crosby have?

bing Crosby had 4 sons in his first marigge and i think 3 in his second marrgie so that's a total of 7 kids PEACE PS bing is my great great uncle :) i just figured it out not to long a go!!!!!!

How many 1 hits did Bing Crosby have?

Every statement about whether a song was "Number 1" in the USA is based on the statistics published by _Billboard_ magazine. Problem is, this publication did not publish OFFICIAL stats for sales until 1958. Between 1940 and 1958 this magazine made weekly lists of lists of best selling records, but t (MORE)

How many hits does facebook get per day?

Statistics . We had 845 million monthly active users at the end of December 2011. Approximately 80% of our monthly active users are outside the U.S. and Canada. We had 483 million daily active users on average in December 2011. We had more than 425 million monthly active users who used Faceb (MORE)

How many hits does facebook get a day?

There are about 500 million active users, and the average user makes about 4 page requests per day. When I load the facebook homepage for my account it loads about 150 resources, because of their use of ajax there are anywhere from 1 to 100 more resources used per page request. So after all the ma (MORE)

How many calories constitutes a binge?

It varies based on who you ask, but most will agree that a real "binge" is the eating of over 1,000 to 2,000 calories (more than those amounts) in one sitting in a short amount of time.

How many baseballs does a baseball player hit a day?

They take so much batting practice each day, mostly on a tee, just working on form. I'd say that 75% of hitting is done on a tee, 24% from batting practice, and 1% games. Overall, It may be about 1,000 balls a day.

How many days will 4 hits off a joint be in your system?

It's dependent on your body, if you weigh less it'll go through your system faster, as a general rule, it'll usually take 3-6 days if you weigh less than 200 pounds being a male or less than 180 pounds being a female. Drinking lots of water in that time period helps a lot IMO, running and working ou (MORE)

How many tornadoes hit Oklahoma in one day?

Most days Oklahoma does not get any tornadoes. However, Oklahoma usually has at least a few days each year with several tornadoes, and occasionally more. In some outbreaks Oklahoma has experienced more than 50 tornadoes in one day.

How many days do you die in after you get hit in the temple?

Death from head trauma can be immediate or worsen daily depending on how serious of a blow to the head occurred. Some symptoms could be blurred vision, painful headache, and dizziness. Trained Medical Personell could determine the severity and recommend proper treatment. I suggest to seek medical he (MORE)

How many dogs are hit each day?

about more than 50 dogs a day but where dogs are feral and vicius lots get shot. some of the feral dogs are malteeze,king Charles caveleir, malteeze x shi tu

How many asteroids hit the earth per day?

Statistically none - or zero. When an asteroid hits Earth - we know about it - or if it is largeenough - we don't. The last asteroid to "hit" Earth was about 3.3 million years agoand precedes numerous extinctions.

What was Bing Crosby's biggest hit?

In terms of all, chart run/sales/popularity, it was White Christmas which was a U.S. No.1 for 11 weeks in 1942, for 2 weeks in 1945 and for 1 week in 1946. It spend 6 weeks on top of The World Chart Record, it was also a regular Top 10 or chart breaker throughout 1940's and 1950's and, inevitably, i (MORE)

How many meteors hit the earth per day?

Several thousands. Most of them are the size of a grain of rice or smaller. A few each day may be the size of a baseball or occasionally the size of a basketball. Once a week or so, the Earth is hit by a rock the size of a car, and once every few months, we get hit by something the size of a hous (MORE)

How do you get to bing?

Bing is a great and reliable search engine, just like google. I prefer bing because they have a rewards program that you can take advantage of and earn points to apply towards gifts such as microsoft points, gift cards, ect. Bing Rewards is great if you like getting free stuff. Here is my referral l (MORE)

How many tons of meteorites hit the earth every day?

Several, but it would be difficult to be specific. It's different every day, of course. That would be impossible to answer, as it is not a constant figure. About 500 meteorites hit the Earth earth year, so that's less than 2 a day. As most meteorites are about the size of a marble, it's unlikely (MORE)

How many tornadoes has hit US in the last 4 days?

There were roughly 100 tornadoes in the mid-April 2011 outbreak. Though that is extremely significant, you will often hear larger numbers (200+) reported in the media due to the way tornadoes are tallied. Reports of tornadoes are listed by the Storm Prediction Center first, but many of these reports (MORE)

How many tornadoes hit in tornado alley each day?

The area gets 700-800 tornadoes each year, which averages to about 2 tornadoes each day. However, tornadoes do not hit Tornado Alley daily, but often occur in outbreaks. Also, tornado activity is much higher in spring and early summer than other times of year.

How many hits does Amazon get per day?

Amazon has approximately 2.7 million page hits per day. Averagevisits to the Amazon site are 34-minutes in length. Google is themost visited website, followed closely by Facebook.

How many hits yahoo gets per day?

The number of how many hits Yahoo gets per day just depends on the number of people on it that day. The number is constantly changing and is rarely the same.

How many movie stars are named Bing?

There was only one; Mister Crosby (May 2, 1903-October 14, 1977). He was born in Tacoma Washington. Actually, his birth name was Harry Lillis Crosby, but he got the nickname after a comic strip character named Bingo.

How many films did bing Crosby star in?

While glancing over feature films in which Bing is listed, I counted 52 for which one could say he "starred" in them. He appeared in a few dozen others, but many of those were cameos -- some less than five seconds long -- or parts where he simply sang some of his songs.

How many people hate Bing?

More people then you would think. Including me. And my family. And my friends. And my teachers. And my enemies.