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How many holes in a Polo?

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The Answer is 4.
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How many players are on a polo team?

There are 4 players on a polo team. Each player's jersey number indicates the position he or she is playing; the number 1 man plays forward; the 4 man plays back; with numbers

How many wholes in a polo?

the answer is four.... even though there is only one whole in a polo this is a trick question you see there are four 'O's' in this question.

How many deaths in water polo?

There is no official report on the amount of deaths caused by waterpolo, but it is considered one of the most dangerous sports.Drowning and injuries have caused players to die

Who gets to eat all the holes in polos?

A few years ago polo middles were actually sold in the UK. But they have long since disappeared from supermarket shelves. I believe polo middles are now added back into the "p