How many hours is a pregnant woman usually in labor?

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A pregnant woman can be in labor from a hour or two to a couple days before the baby is born. It differs from woman to woman.
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How many days after your period can a woman get pregnant?

Answer . As told by the doctors u the conception date will be 14 days later.. Answer . it varies depending on the woman you can go to webmd to the pregnancy part and they have a page that can tell you when your most fertile.. Answer . how many days can i get pregnant after my period?. Co (MORE)

How many hours do psychologists usually work per week?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nIt's entirely up to the psychologist. Many work long hours. I worked for one that specialized helping children, and he often worked 14 hour days and then worked again when he got home. \n. \nMarcy

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If a pregnant woman is in a car accident can it cause premature labor?

Preterm labor has been associated with trauma, including domestic abuse situations, falls and automobile accidents.. In a 1998 article in the European Journal of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology, five pregnant mothers were admitted for repeated direct blunt abdominal trauma due to "f (MORE)

I am 39 weeks pregnant and 1 cm dilated and not feeling too many braxton hicks but my dr says that's normal in younger woman my question is WHEN wILl LABOR COME?

Answer . Don't worry about it. There simply aren't any formulas. I never had any Braxton Hicks contractions that I was aware of, and was 7 cm dilated when I went to see my doctor, who thought I'd deliver that afternoon. In reality, I didn't go into labor for another week--which was one week pa (MORE)

How many hours do medical residents usually work in a week?

It truly is dependent on a few factors. For one, different hospitals have different work hours, shifts, etc. Also, it depends on the specialty. It is common for surgical interns/residents to work 100+ hours while some fields (radiology, anesthesiology) work less grueling shifts. Hours can be anywher (MORE)

How many cocks does it take to get a woman pregnant?

A penis is not necessary as long as she has access to fresh sperm. True Penis only inject sperm so if u get clinically injected sperm can also make u pregnanat. But enjoying your husband company and get one penis only responsible for u r pregnanat is healthy practice that is why institution of marri (MORE)

How many woman are pregnant?

Pregnancy rates have dropped in the last five years. I think it's because no one can afford to have a baby right now. Others say it is because of global warming.

If you are pregnant do woman usually get cyst?

When I was pregnant I was told by my doctor that a cyst was present and it is sometimes normal for women to develop cysts in the early stages of pregnancy. The doctor said it was harmless and that they disappear.

Can a woman travel 39 weeks pregnant for 4-5 hours?

\n. \n. \nIt is possible but what you need to ask yourself is A) Can I get to my doctor in time if I go into labor while I am away B) if I cannot get to a doctor in time, am I comfortable with having a different doctor at a different hospital

How many labor hours for valve cover gasket?

when I went to Carson Toyota they told me it will be 5 hours of labor @ $111 per hour and the two gaskets are $ 21.00 each. Then they turned around and finished the job in 2 hours. What a rape off that place was.

How many hours can pit bulls be in labor?

Several hours, depending on the amount of pups. However, if there is more than 1 1/2 hours of labor for the mother dog trying to give birth to a puppy, you will want to contact your vet. The normal time span between puppies is 10-30minutes, although sometimes there's 45minutes between puppies.

How many hours does it take to get pregnant?

I would say 24 because your egg is only viable 24 hours after it's been released if it's not fertilized during that time period your body will shed it off during your next menstral cycle.

How many times can a woman get pregnant?

i . dont really know....but the highest count for bears are 201 nd i got told to take that in half so a woman could have around 100 kids....but these days its bad to have that many kids in this kind of communities....not enough food.not enough room...orless you become rich because of your kids the (MORE)

Can a pregnant woman travel eighteen hours?

When you are pregnant, there is a doubling of your blood volume. If you are going to be sitting in a plane or riding in a car, you will want to make sure that you can get out and stretch ideally every hour (if that is possible) or at least every 3/4 hours if you can. The added weight of the baby and (MORE)

How many chill hours does seattle usually get?

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How many weeks is the average woman pregnant?

The average pregnancy lasts for about 40 weeks (after the last period or 38 weeks after conception). The average fertility rate is 2.58 children per woman. So, the average woman is pregnant for about 103 weeks of her life.

If a pregnant woman is 3cm and loses her mucus plug how long after will labor start?

that totally depends from person to person. Every birth and every pregnancy is different. Generally speaking though, if your waters break, your labour is a lot quicker but that is no guarantee either. I was 2 cm dilated for a month before my son was born and when my water did eventually break it too (MORE)

How many pounds can a pregnant woman lift?

As many as she could lift when she was not pregnant - until her tummy gets in the way and effects her balance or her doctor tells her otherwise. A doctor may put a 10lb or 20 lifting restriction on a pregnant woman, especially later in the pregnancy when lose ligaments make her a prime candidate fo (MORE)

How many hours usually does a dispatcher work?

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How many hours does a woman with menorrhagia change tampons?

It depends on her flow and what absorbency she is using. I have hyper-menorrhagia - I would leak through an ultra absorbency tampon, overnight pad, and my clothing within 15 minutes on a heavy day. For most women with menorrhagia tampons aren't enough to deal with heavy flow, menstrual cups are a (MORE)

How many hours can you work with child labor laws?

This is the Federal Government law, each state has their own. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) , youths 14 and 15 years old may work outside school hours in various non-manufacturing, non-mining, non-hazardous jobs under certain conditions. Permissible work hours for 14- and 15-year-olds (MORE)

How many hours do children do child labor?

The answer inevitably, depends on which region or country you refer to. Many countries have legislation to restrict or outlaw child labour. Other countries, for a variety of reasons, do not. It is banned completely in some places and in others there are no restriction at all.

How many km an per hour is the fastest woman?

The world record holder in the 100 (10.49) and 200 (21.38), Florence Griffith Joyner ran between approximately 9.0 and 9.6 meters per second. Converted to km per hour thats between 32 and 35 km per hour

How many weeks is one usually pregnant when you find out from a doctor?

Most women begin to suspect pregnancy when they have a late or missed menstrual period. So most women find out around 4 to 6 weeks of pregnancy however it can take some time to get an appointment to see a Dr or the Dr may not see patents until late in the 1st trimester. Even with this most women hav (MORE)

How many drinks can a woman have while pregnant?

A small serving in evening of a good quality drink should not affect pregnancy, even taken daily. But remember,you may land up in addiction and who is going to do so is not predicted.(Beginning of the river is always small.) Drinking a large amount and falling on the ground may endanger the life of (MORE)

How many intervals usually occur in a two hour play?

During a theatrical play there are 15-20 minute intervals (also known as intermission). Intervals usually occur either between acts or at the halfway point of the play. A 2 hour long performance will have 1 interval that takes place at the halfway mark, 1 hour into the play.