How many hours of sleep do a 6th grader need?

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How many hours of sleep do senior citizens need?

Most teens need 8-9 hours of sleep, adults 7-8 hours and seniors need a little less, often 6-7 hours. That varies quite a bit depending on the person and other factors.
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Sleep Cycles and Sleep Disorders

Sleep studies have shown that a person rotates through various sleep cycles throughout the night. The ability to feel rested in the morning depends solely on the ability to hi (MORE)

Symptoms of Sleep Disorders

The average adult sleeps between seven and eight hours a night, though some people require more and others less. In general, most people are able to find a happy medium of tim (MORE)
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How many hours does a teenager need for sleep?

Answer   at least 8 hours     It's actually better for a teenager to get nine hours or more since they're growing so much.
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How many hours sleep does a human need?

human need 8-10 ours of sleep children need a little more 9-12 ours of sleep
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How many hours does a 12 year old need of sleep?

If you are one of those parents that make your 11-13 year old children go to sleep at 9:30pm maybe you shall reconsider it. it is a proven fact that most people who stay up at (MORE)

How many hours of sleep do children need?

Children and Preteens need atleast 8 hours of sleep each night. That adds up to 56 hours of sleep a week!10 or 11 is the ideal amount, adults should get at least 8 for a healt (MORE)
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Do Your Sleep Patterns Affect Your Weight Loss?

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