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How many hours to fly to Barcelona from New York?

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New York, NY (NYC) to Barcelona (BCN) Shortest Flight Duration 8 hours 15 mins
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How many hours does it take to fly from New York to Canada?

Since they share a common border it will depend on where you depart from in New York and where you are bound for in Canada. (Victoria or Vancouver are a long haul from Buffalo

How many hours to fly from Philippines to New York?

  A random search for flights from Manila (MNL) to New York Kennedy (JFK) shows:   OPTION 1: 18hr 55min via Tokyo Narita (NRT) MNL - NRT Northwest Airlines Flt 080 De

How many hours to fly from Dubai to New York?

Answer . \nAccording to Expedia.com there are no non-stop flights. The shortest elapsed trip time is on Emirates flight #203, taking 14 hours 50 minutes. 13hr 45min Dubai