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How many households are there in the US?

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2007 estimate: 111,162,259
2008 estimate: 112,362,848
2009 estimate: 113,567,967
2010 estimate: 114,825,428

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How many US households include children?

    As of 2006, the US Census Bureau reports a total of 77,402,000 family households. (The remainder are termed "non-family" households).     Of this 77.4 mill

How many tax paying households are in the us?

According to the US Census (http://quickfacts.census.gov) the US has 115 million households. According to news reports, 45% to 47% of households do not pay Federal Income Tax.

How many households in the US own cats?

Cats   * There are approximately 88.3 million owned cats in the United States  * Nearly 34 percent of U.S. households (or 38.4 million) own at least one cat  * Fifty-six
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How many tables are in a US household?

Aproximately 7 tables in a one story house, and about 13 tables in a two story house...If you are in a mansion well you have a ton of tables!