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How many households are there in the US?

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2007 estimate: 111,162,259
2008 estimate: 112,362,848
2009 estimate: 113,567,967
2010 estimate: 114,825,428

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How many households are in the California?

  According to the Census Bureau   HOUSEHOLDS AND FAMILIES: From 2005-2007 there were 12.1 million households in California. The average household size was 2.9 people.

Why is a parallel circuit used in a household wiring?

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How many watt-hours does the average American household use?

The average American uses 11400 Watts(1.5kw) of power continuously. This is the equivalent of burning 114 x100 Watt light bulbs, all the time. Multiply this times people in an

How many households in the UK?

  There were 22m households in the UK as at 2001 according to the Environment Agency. The Government predicts this number will increase by 7 per cent (1.60 million) by 201

What are the household uses of witch hazel?

Cosmetically, witch hazel is used as a facial astringent to reduce pore size, make-up remover, and for bags under the eyes. Products for men include herbal shaving cream and a

What household object uses pulleys?

Household objects that use pulleys are blinds, garage doors, and clothes lines are just a few examples. Hope this may help!! Cheers!!

Where is household robot used?

A couple examples of automation might include a home bread maker. That device mixes and bakes bread, and has the ability to wait appropriate times for the dough to rise. One