How many inches is a mechanical pencil?

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A mechanical pencil is just about the same size as a normal pencil, about 6 inches long.
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What is a mechanical pencil?

It's a pencil that looks rather like a pen, but has pencil lead init instead of ink, and the lead moves down as you click and you canreplace it with new lead.

Who invented the Mechanical pencil and Why did they invent the mechanical pencil?

Derek L. Lozano and Francis Penis Major created the first mechanical pencil by joining the characteristics of a ball point pen with the convenience of an erasable pencil. Firs

How do you get mechanical pencils?

In order for you to get mechanical pencils, you have to go to a store and look for them. If a certain store doesn't have them, just keep looking in many supply stores. You wil

How do you fix a mechanical pencil?

take a paper clip and make it strait then push the lead cliker and let any lead that got jammed and getit out then take a big new unbroken piece of lead and put it in it shoul

Where can you get cool mechanical pencils?

Mechanical pencils can be purchased from various stationaryretailers (such as Ryman's and Staples), and are also availableretail stores which choose to stock stationary (such

Which is better wood pencils or mechanical pencils?

Mechanical pencils are better to write with because of the skinny lead. They're also better than wooden pencils, because wooden pencils have a short lifespan and a mechanical

What is the best mechanical pencil for drawing?

Not a single mechanical pencil is good for drawing because you cant shade with them or do different textures. Instead of mechanical pencils try out Ticonderoga pencils by Dixo