How many injuries happened during battle during the civil war?

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Depends on the battle. Each one was different. Gettysburg had 50,000 die in 3 days of battle.

Actually, the figures for Gettysburg were:
Union 3155 Confederate 3903
Union 14,529
Confederate 18,735
Union 5365 Confederate 5425
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What happened during the US Civil War?

The Union placed a blockade on Southern exports, split the South inhalf by controlling the Mississippi River and New Orleans and thenfought a war of attrition that led to the

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There were 50 battles fought during the Civil War that wereconsidered major battles. In addition to these, another 5,000 minorbattles took place. The total number of soldiers
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Some Major battles include:. Battle (State) Date Confederate Commander Union Commander Conf. Forces Union Forces Victor Casualties Battle of Gettysburg ( Pennsyl