How many iPod nanos were sold?

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100.000.000 ipods were sold in the us
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How many iPods are sold each year?

Answer \n. \nI can't say how many are sold each year, but as of June, 2005, Apple had sold over 20 million units, and that included 6.15 million in the second quarter of 2005 alone. Hope that helps.

What can an iPod Nano do?

on an ipod nano you can play games, watch videos, listen to the radio, listen to music, and record videos. you cannot take pictures. i may not have a nano but i am gonna get it. i suggest you get one to. if u want to record videos then u might wanna get the 5th or 6th generation. the other generatio (MORE)

What is an iPod Nano?

An ipod nano is an MP3, video player, and a small game system. It contains a click-wheel, a screen, a charger port, a earplugs port, and a screen lock switch. It cost under 200 American dollars. It also contains a timer, alarm watch, and contacts. The most recent version, the 5th generation, has a m (MORE)

What does a iPod Nano have?

depends which generation.. but the newest one ( 5 ) has the regular ipod stuff (music, TV shows, movies ect) but it has a thing that reads some of the words, they call it voiceover and it also has a video camera.. no pictures only videos

How many songs does a 1 GB ipod nano hold?

Answer . About 250 depending on file size that's based upon each song being 4Mb. For you own calculations ipod size/song size=no. of tracks 1GB=1000Mb (actually 1024MB, but round for easyness) 1000Mb/4Mb=250

What does an iPod Nano do?

The key functions of the iPod Nano are music playback and displaying photos. In addition it can sync notes and colanders with a computer, it also has a number of games. The latest iPod Nano can also play video files and run additional software from the iTunes store.

How many songs can an ipod nano hold if it has 80 GBS?

1000 kb = 1 mb 100 mb = 1 Gb. An average song is about 4 - 5 mb (Per song). So, you do the calculations. Generally, the bigger the size of the songs that you have, the less amount of songs you can put in your nano.. Sorry, its. 1000 kb = 1 mb 1000 mb = 1 Gb

How many hours of songs can a 4gb iPod Nano hold?

Apple's website quotes ipod nanos holding 1000 songs. This sounds about right because I have a 64 MB mp3 player and it can hold almost 20 songs, so proportionally speaking, this means a 4 GB could hold around 1200 songs. . 1000 songs or 3500 pictures

How many songs can a 4gb ipod nano hold?

I looked at other questions and someone else said 1,000-1,200. I tried looking on Apple's website but since the new iPod Nano came out, I can't find information about the old one.

How many pictures can you put on a 4GB third generation iPod Nano?

This depends on the size of the files. Digital photos usually store better if they are resized, this makes the files containing them smaller. This answer also depends on how much of the memory on the iPod is already taken for storage of music. Each iPod also has slightly less available storage due t (MORE)

How many GB is a video on your iPod nano?

There is no standard size for video because you understand when I say a 3 hrs long movie take more space then a 30 seconds clip. Another factor is the quality: a FullHD movie or clip will use up more space than the same clip in conventional definition. There is also other factors, but they are less (MORE)

What is the iPod Nano?

It's a ipod that you can put at least 1,000 songs on to... And it has games, and you can put photo's on it.

How many types of ipod nanos are there?

There have been seven generational iterations of the iPod Nano. Thefirst generation came in 1 GB, 2 GB, and 4 GB varieties, while theseventh generation only comes in 16 GB.

What can iPod Nanos do?

ipod nonos can do lots of things like search/radio/tv/pictures/time people and much more mp3 players suck

How many songs can you put on an iPod nano?

At about 250 songs per gigabyte (GB), a 4GB Nano would hold 1,000 songs, an 8GB Nano would hold 2,000 songs, and a 16GB Nano would hold 4,000 songs.. This is not exact, because the number of songs stored depends on the song length, the compression used, and even the music itself. The above standard (MORE)

IPod nano or iPod Touch?

ipod touch definitley because you can have many games many which are free and you can access youtube,itunes and the internet directly from the ipod so although they do cost more theyre alot better value and fun. \*/WHAT I SAID\*/ You should get an iPod touch. The newest ones have facetime, an inn (MORE)

What can you do on an iPod Nano?

Depending on what generation the iPod is, it can do different things. The fourth generation can do the following: 1. Listen to Music 2. Watch Movies that you can buy off of iTunes 3. Watch TV Shows 4. Watch movies that you rent off iTunes 5. Watch music videos 6. Look at Photos that you can put on y (MORE)

What can iPod Nano do?

Depending on what generation the iPod is, it can do different things. The fourth generation can do the following: 1. Listen to Music 2. Watch Movies that you can buy off of iTunes 3. Watch TV Shows 4. Watch movies that you rent off iTunes 5. Watch music videos 6. Look at Photos that you (MORE)

Where do you get an iPod nano?

You can get them at You can get them at Target You can get them at Toys R S You can get them at Target You can get them at EBay You can get them just about anywere!

IPod touch or iPod Nano?

The ipod touch i would say it's better it has touch screen it could hold morecapacity of movies and alot else. *EDIT* This totally depends on how you want to use it. If your only going to listen to music, pick the iPod Nano, because it is light and cheaper. Also, it can record things, something (MORE)

What do iPod Nano have?

the ipod nano has music,videos(you need to download them yourself),photos(download them yourself),podcasts,rado,video camera,extras,settings,and shufdfle songs.

What iPod Nano?

What is an Ipod Nano? The iPod Nano (trademarked, marketed, and stylized as iPod nano) is a portable media player designed and marketed by Apple. The first generation of the iPod Nano was introduced in the end of 2005 as a replacement for the iPod mini.

Are iPod nanos good iPods?

Yes, iPod Nanos are very good iPods. They are perfect for those who like to run and/or work out while listening to music. Its small and compact size makes it a very good iPod. The new Ipod 5th Generation has a camera as well. Ipods are the "better" mp3 players. They play games, movies, music, and mu (MORE)

What can you do with the iPod nano?

You can listen to music,see photos and videos,you can play games,you can see and read books,you can download and see podcasts from Itunes, and much more!