How many iraq soldiers are in iraq?

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Well this question needs to be more specific as in American Soldiers, British Soliders.. But I assume you mean American Soldiers and there are about 20,000 left. As of November 25, 2011.
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How many US soldiers are in Iraq?

T here are approximately 120,000 Soldiers currently in Iraq, we can not give an actual number because it could compromise operational security and become a significant issue f

How many Canadian soldiers have died in Iraq?

Although Canada refused to participate in the invasion of Iraq: . To date, five Canadians, Ali Alwan, Bernard Gooden, Vatche Arslanian, Jonathan J. Simpson and Michael Seele

How many soldiers are involved in the Iraq war?

None at the present time. US has withdrawn its troops. At the height of hostilities there were close to 175,000 US troops in Iraq, during the surge of 2007. The number of I
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How many soldiers were injured in Iraq?

Around 40,000+ Iraqi Security Forces (post-Saddam Iraqi Army), around 32,000 Coalition Soldiers, and around 43,000 Security Contractors were injured. There are no good statist