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How many islands are in the Marshall Islands?

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The Marshall Islands are made up of 34 islands. Specifically, they consist of 29 coral atolls (which encircle a lagoon) and 5 coral islands (without a lagoon).
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Who owns the marshall islands?

The Marshall Islands are an independent country.

How far is Honolulu to the Marshall Islands?

The distance between Honolulu, Hawaii and the Republic of the Marshall Islands is approximately 2500 miles.   In order to get there you either need to go by boat or fly to

Are the Marshall Islands a territory of US?

No not any more. They were a U.S. Territory from 1947 when the U.N. gave the islands to the United States for a strategic trust. In 1951 the U.S. Department of the Interior to

When did Marshall Islands become Independent?

ANSWER: OCTOBER 1, 1986 More detail to resolve the confusion since some believe it was 1979, 1990 or even 2004. The Marshall Islands approved its own constitution May 1, 1

Who are famous people in the marshall islands?

Todd Lyght (NFL PLAYER) ,Lulani Ritok (ACTRESS) and Amata Kabua (1st PRESIDENT) have had the most success/recognition internationally speaking.

Are the marshall islands a us territory?

Part of the Marshall Islands are a part of the US. (The islands of Bikini and Enewetak use to be US nuclear test sites.)

What is the main marshall island?

The main and biggest island of the Marshall Islands is called Kwajalein. All of the Marshall islands are located not far but southwest of Hawaii.