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How many islands are in the Marshall Islands?

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The Marshall Islands are made up of 34 islands. Specifically, they consist of 29 coral atolls (which encircle a lagoon) and 5 coral islands (without a lagoon).
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Are the marshall islands an MEDC or LEDC?

The Marshall Islands Ministry of Education operates the state schools in the Marshall Islands however there are only 2 colleges operating in the Marshall Islands. There are 68

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The United States Marines arrived on the Marshall Islands in February of 1944 towards the end of WW 2. They kept these islands for nuclear testing and later to establish the R

When did Marshall Islands become Independent?

ANSWER: OCTOBER 1, 1986 More detail to resolve the confusion since some believe it was 1979, 1990 or even 2004. The Marshall Islands approved its own constitution May 1, 1