How many kids die in the us from a gun?

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The question can't be answered unless you provide the age range you mean when you say "kids".
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What guns did billy the kid use?

An 1873 Winchester Carbine, it was shorter and lighter than the rifle, and carried a dozen .44-.40-caliber, center-fired cartridges (the rifle carried 15) and a single-action

How many kids have guns?

Impossible to answer. You would have to ask every family in the world and then believe that the answer you got was true.

How many kids die from cancer in the us each year?

100 000 children die needlessly from cancer every year. Childhood Cancer Parent Organisations say that of the 220,000 children who develop cancer every year, 80% die without a

Can kids Use BB guns?

These kids used to live on my block and always played with them (they wore protective cloths). But I really don't think it's that safe. ^ First answer by http://wiki.answers

How many kids die from guns each year?

18,775 kids die each year from guns. that's 18 and under. or iheard. ******************* Any study of this subject needs to be closely examined. One "study"included people up

What gun did billy the kid use?

We know with out a doubt he owned and used a Colt Model 1873 Army SA in 45 long (single action) and a Winchester Rifle Model 1873 44-40. Both of these weapons are in Billy's p
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Do kids use guns?

Yes I have a 243 ,12 gauge ,20 gauge and a 22 and I'm only 11
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Can kids use airsoft guns?

Yes, with parental consent. Though you must be 18 to purchase guns