How many kids have been abused?

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his is a serious subject i dont agree with it
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How many kids die from abuse?

a lot of people die especially children. they can die for anything, especially babies because there fragile. also they can die of cat death.

About how many kids are abused?

According to some, every child is abused. Because if they aren't being physically, sexually or emotionall abused then they are being neglected, which is a form of abuse.

How many adopted kids get abused?

some foster parents can be the nicest things, almost as good as the real thing. but in other cases, the foster parents can be abusive phsycally, mentally, sexually, or neglect

How many kids get abused in Canada in a year?

well 2 million kids in the world get abused a year and a quarter of that is emotional abuse so i am pretty sure if you do the math well you look and see how many kids are in C

What should you do if you are a kid and have been abused?

Tell your school teacher you need to speak to the school counselor ASAP. And tell them. Tell someone who can help you! And when you're an adult, don't become an abuser yo
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How many kids get sexualy abused?

billions everyday and only a small portion of those get reported. If you see a kid getting sexually abused report it.
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How many kids had die from child abuse?

It depends how abusive the person who is abusing the child is. That's why you can never trust online websites where you can have a nanny watch your kid because most nanny's ab