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How many kilowatthours are produced by 1 ton bituminous coal?

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Coal has an energy value of 24 Megajoules/kg, which is the same as 6.67 kwh/kg. However a coal fired power plant will only have an efficiency of about 30 per cent so this reduces to 2.0 kwh/kg.

Now when you say 1 ton, do you mean 2240 lb, 2000 lb, or 1000 kg (metric ton) ? I will assume 1000kg as it makes the arithmetic easier, in fact 2.0 kwh/kg comes to 2000 kwh/metric ton. Note that kilowatt is a power, kilowatthour (kwh) is an amount of energy, which is what you wanted.

If you want it for a short ton of 2000 lb, this will become 1814 kwh, and for a ton of 2240 lb it will be 2032 kwh
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