How many kilowatthours are produced by 1 ton bituminous coal?

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Coal has an energy value of 24 Megajoules/kg, which is the same as 6.67 kwh/kg. However a coal fired power plant will only have an efficiency of about 30 per cent so this reduces to 2.0 kwh/kg.

Now when you say 1 ton, do you mean 2240 lb, 2000 lb, or 1000 kg (metric ton) ? I will assume 1000kg as it makes the arithmetic easier, in fact 2.0 kwh/kg comes to 2000 kwh/metric ton. Note that kilowatt is a power, kilowatthour (kwh) is an amount of energy, which is what you wanted.

If you want it for a short ton of 2000 lb, this will become 1814 kwh, and for a ton of 2240 lb it will be 2032 kwh
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How many kilograms is 1 ton?

It depends what type of ton, there are 3 sorts of tons: . 1 metric ton = 1000 Kg exactly A metric ton is often spelled 'tonne' to distinguish it from theother types of tons. . 1 British ton = 1,016.047 kg (= 2,240 lbs). Also known as along ton. . 1 US ton = 907.1847 kg (= 2,000 lbs). Also known (MORE)

How many liters in 1 ton?

Short answer = 1,000 liters Long answer. The density of water varies somewhat depending on the temperature and the inclusion of any impurities. But for say, tap water, 1000 liters is 1 tonne. Yes, that is tonne with an 'e' - a metric tonne. 1 liter of water is 1kg, 1,000 liters is 1000kg (1 metric (MORE)

How bituminous coal fields were formed?

They were formed from the remains of the prolific plant material growing in vast marshy areas in the Carboniferous. The plant remains did not rot in their shallow water environment and formed layer after layer of sediment which was eventually covered with subsequent layers of additional sediments re (MORE)

1 ton is how many metric tons?

1,000 kilograms 1 Ton is 2240 pounds (Lb) 1 Kg is 2.204 Lb, so 1 ton is 2240/2.204 = 1016.3 Kg This equates to 1.0163 metric tons, correctly known as tonnes.

What is the difference between bituminous coal and anthracite coal?

Answer . The main difference is the amount of carbon. Anthracite is harder and contains more carbon. Bituminous coal is a sedimentary rock and anthracite coal is actually a metamorphic rock that has undergone tremendous pressures, usually from mountain building events.

How many BTU per ton of coal?

20 Million BTU. . The heat content of coal varies.. Bituminous coal typically has a gross heating value of 30,600,000 BTU per ton. The net heating value is 26,000,000 BTU per ton, assuming 85% efficiency.. If you need more precise information, go to the U.S. Department of Energy website at (MORE)

How much carbon dioxide does a ton of coal produce?

According to Energy Information Administration (EIA) research, emissions range from 2,791 lbs per short ton for lignite coal to 5,685 lbs per short ton for anthracite coal. However, the coefficients for the coals that are primarily used in electricity production, bituminous and sub-bituminous are 4 (MORE)

How many amps to 1 ton?

Amps are a measure of electricity, a ton is a measure of weight, the two can not be compared.

How many meter in 1 ton?

This is unanswerable because the first and second parts of the question are incompatible; a meter is a unit of distance and a ton is a unit of weight. A meter is a unit of length A ton is a unit of weight. The two don't convert

How many kilowatthours in one hour?

Kilo = 1000. Watts the produce of Amps x Volts. One hour is not divided up into kilowatt hours, it is the use of 1000 watts over a period of one hour.

What is bituminous coal used for?

The bituminous coals are considered to be 'all purpose' coals,and because of its excellent heating quality and the ease with which it can be handled, it is the most extensively used fuel in the world. In inditries it can be used for steam raising ,heating purposes, gasification, and coking

How are bituminous coal and anthracite coal alike?

Bituminous coal is relatively soft and dull, as opposed to anthracite which is hard and shiny. Anthracite is also much more dense and pure. Because of its purity (can be up to 98% carbon), Anthracite burns a very hot, smokeless flame.

Which is better bituminous or anthracite coal?

Anthracite is a better type of coal than bituminous, anthracite is the best type of coal because it is the purest type of coal as it has the highest amount of carbon content present in it. It is made up of 90-95% of carbon content, so, it has a higher calorific value and burns without a smoke. Anthr (MORE)

What is bituminous coal made of?

it is made by remnants of plants or animals. or something. i dunno im pretty sure its from some plant remnants under sedimentary layers.

How many watts to 1 ton?

Watts is a measurement of power which is the rate of consumption of energy, i.e. energy/time. 1 Ton is a measurement of weight. Power and weight are totally different things. The closest you could get is perhaps with a ton of mass to be converted to energy in a nuclear reaction using e=mc^2, and (MORE)

How was bituminous coal formed?

Bituminous coal was formed from the remains of plants through compaction by overlying layers of sediments. The plants were part of a marshy or swampy ecosystem where the plant material did not fully degrade after dying because of the conditions of the water into which it fell.

How many tons are in 1 ton?

1. But be careful, the US has at least three different tons: short, long, and deadweight.A metric ton is 1,000 kilograms. 1 tonne equates to 1.10231 short tons.

Is bituminous coal is fossil fuel?

Yes, Bituminous coal is fossil fuel, formed from the debris of plant matters buried under the earth millions of years ago and underwent several physio-chemical changes to acquire the state.

How many pounds are in 1 tons?

2240lbs in 1 ton Answer: There are three commonly used "tons": . The short ton: 2000 lb. (most common value in the US) . The long ton: 2240 lb. . The metric ton (tonne): 2204 lb.

How many tons in 1 gallon?

This question cannot be answered sensibly. A gallon is a measure of volume, with dimensions [L 3 ]. A ton is a measure of mass, with dimensions [M]. Basic dimensional analysis teaches that you cannot convert between measures with different dimensions such as these without additional information. (MORE)

Is bituminous coal formed from anthracite coal?

Bituminous coal or black coal is a relatively soft coal containing a tarlike substance called bitumen. It is of higher quality than lignite coal but of poorer quality than anthracite. Formation is usually the result of high pressure being exerted on lignite.

Colors of bituminous coal?

The colour of the bituminous coal varies from pitch black to grey colour. Sometimes more or less laminated showing layers of bright and dull coals

1 ton of paper produces how many metric tons of CO2?

1 ton of paper may produce a little CO2, but it would be measured in terms of a few grammes rather than tonnes. The paper's creation or burning may produce significantly more, but that's not what you asked about.

How many yards in 1 ton?

A yard is a measure of length and a ton is a measure of mass. If you mean cubic yards then it depends on what the ton is example a ton of dirt or sand or even gravel.

How many tons of coal does a train car hold?

2 tons No. A modern coal car carries 120 tons of coal. Some older onescarry 100 tons. On the B&O division of CSX, coal trains areusually 80 or 120 car unit trains. The length of the train isusually governed by the size of the originating or destinationyard.

What is bituminous coals uses?

The bituminous coals are considered to be 'all purpose' coals,and because of its excellent heating quality and the ease with which it can be handled, it is the most extensively used fuel in the world. In inditries it can be used for steam raising ,heating purposes, gasification, and coking

How many bags of 40kg coal in a ton?

A metric ton is 1000 kg (2204.621 lbs). This is nearly equal to a long ton (old English measure for coal) of 2240 lbs. The English (US) short ton measure is 2000 lbs. If a bag is 40 kg then a metric ton would be 25 bags, a short ton a little more than 22 bags and a long ton a little more than 25 bag (MORE)

How many horsepower in 1 ton?

That simply can't be converted - it doesn't make sense. You aretrying to compare units of power with units of mass. If you mean"in 1 ton of fuel", it still doesn't make sense, because (a) thefuel must be specified, and (b) you would be confusing units ofpower, with units of energy.

How many pounds of CO2 in one ton of coal?

Assuming that coal is essentially pure carbon, each 12 kg of coal will combust to form 44 kg of carbon dioxide (C+O 2 -->CO 2 ) a bit more than 3 times as much carbon dioxide as coal. A ton of carbon will burn to form about 3 tones of carbon dioxide.

How many 50ml in 1 ton?

20,000 50ml is a measure of volume. 1 ton is a measure of mass. Your question can only be answered once you specify the density of the matter that occupies the 50ml of volume. There was no mention of water being the matter in question.

How many ozs in 1 ton?

One pound contains 16 ounces. In the US one ton is 2000 pounds. One ton is therefore 32,000 ounces.

How many tons are there in 1 container?

you need to drop your container (#1) into another larger container (#2) floating in a container of water (#3). Mark the water level in container #3 remove container #1 from #2. Fill container #3 back to the marked level measuring the number of litres used. Divide the number of litres used by a 1000 (MORE)