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How many kw does a hairdryer use?

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A hairdryer uses 0.2 kWh
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How many kw is 100000 btu?

100,000 BTU/hour is about 29.3 kW

What do you need to use an European hairdryer in USA?

A European hairdryer operates on 230V. US power is 110V. The hairdryer will need a high power converter that will be fairly expensive. (110V input to 240V output rated at abou

How many watts is 2.5 kw?

2.5kW is 2,500 watts.

How many kW per hour does a computer use?

Improper question; change the question so it is either "How many kWh per hour does a computer use?" or "How many kW does a computer use?" The term "kW" means "kWh/h."