How many lakes are in Maine?

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About 2,200.
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What are the main lakes in Texas?

The biggest lakes in Texas are generally man made. They include theToledo Bend Reservoir, the Sam Rayburn Reservoir, and LakeLivingston.

How many lakes in the Lake District?

There are 14 main bodies of water in the lake district but only one official "lake" and that is Bassenthwaite Lake.. All the rest are "meres" or "waters", for example Windermere, and Coniston Water.

Who are the main characters in swan lake?

Swan lake is about a girl who turns into a swan during the day and a princess at night. Main Characters: princess Odile/Odette (Danced by the same dancer) Prince Sigfried his parents, the King and Queen Von Rothbart, the magician Benno Wolfgang In addition: Leading Swans (usually two (MORE)

What is the cleanest lake in Maine?

Tricky (also spelled Trickey) Pond in Naples, which is just north of the NNW corner of Sebago Lake, is one of the cleanest lakes in Maine. Crystal-clear, with one of the best Secchi Disk Transparency (SDT) readings of any Maine lake: average 10.2 meters. But Tricky Pond is a very small body of wat (MORE)

Main lakes in Africa?

There are several lakes that are located in Africa. A few of themain lakes are Lake Victoria, Lake Turkana, and Lake Mweru.

What are Italy's two main lakes?

Lago di Garda and Lago Maggiore are Italy's two main lakes. Specifically, Lago di Garda also is called Benasco. By either name, it still is a lake that is located halfway between the northern Italian cities of Brescia and Verona. The pronunciation is "LAH-goh Dee GAHR-dah" or "Beh-NAH-skoh." (MORE)

Main characters in Crow Lake by Mary Lawson?

In the earily 1960's Joe and Norma Hanks & family lived in at Crow Lake and operated the Crow Lake store. Joe's sister Else and Husband Tom Sharp lived and farmed North of crow lake. When I was a child I spent some summers in the area and ate ice cream and drank sodas in the back room of the store. (MORE)

What are the lakes names in Maine?

Here are a few of the 2,200 lakes in Maine: . Alamoosook . Alford . Anasagunticook . Androscoggin . Big Indian . Boyden . Cathance . Chicawaukie . China . Chiputneticook . Clary . Clearwater . Cobbosseecontee . Crawford . Crystal . Damariscotta . Dexter . Drews . Echo . Fish Riv (MORE)

What are Italy's three main lakes?

Lago di Como , Lago di Garda and Lagio Maggiore are the three main lakes of Italy. Specifically, Lago di Como also is called Lario. It originates in the northern Italian region of Lombardy. The pronunciation is "LAH-go Dee KOH-moh" or "LAH-ryoh." Lago di Garda also is called Bena (MORE)

How many lakes does Maine have?

It depends on how you define a lake. There are approximately 6000 water bodies in Maine greater than one acre in size and 22,000 that are less than an acre. Of these, there are approximately 2200 named lakes.

What are china's main lakes?

Lake Aibi , Xinjiang . Lake Baiyangdian , Hebei . Dagze Co , Tibet . Lake Chao , Anhui . Lake Dian , Yunnan . Lake Dianshan , Shanghai . Lake Dongqian , Zhejiang . Dongting Lake , Hunan . Erhai Lake , Yunnan . Lake Hongze , Jiangsu . Lumajangdong . Lugu Lake , Sichua (MORE)

Where is Clayton Lake Maine?

It is a lake in Aroostook County in the state of Maine. The latitude and longitude coordinates for this lake are 46.7187, -68.7631 and the altitude is 883 feet (269 meters).

Second largest lake in Maine?

Moosehead Lake is the largest at 74,890 acres. . Sebago Lake is 28,771 acres. . Chesuncook Lake is 23,070 acres. . Flagstaff Lake is 20,300 acres. . The Pemadumcook chain of lakes is 18,300 acres. . Spednick Lake is 17,219 acres. . Mooselookmeguntic Lake is 16,300 acres. . East Gr (MORE)

What are the 3 main lakes in Africa?

Lake Victoria - Area - 68,800 sq km (26,563 sq mi) Vo;ume: 2,700cubic km Depth: 83m (272ft) Lake Tanganyika - Area: 32,900 sq km (12,702 sq mi) Volume: 18,900cubic km Depth: 1,470 m (4,823 ft) Lake Malawi (Lake Nyasa) - Area:- 30,044 sq km (11,600 sq mi)Volume: 7,725 cubic km Depth: 706 m (2,316 f (MORE)

What is the main lake in England?

Lake windermere is the biggest lake in England.... It's in the lake district national park... and the name hints there are many other lakes in it....

How many lakes are in a great lake?

Currently there are 5 recognized Great Lakes; Huron, Ontario, Erie, Superior and Michigan. In actuality Lake Huron and Michigan are the same lake, but they were named separately. In recent times some people have tried to get Lake St. Clair and Lake Winnebago added.

What are the main rivers or lakes in New South Wales?

The main rivers and lakes in New South Wales are: . Murray River . Darling River . Murrumbidgee River . Lachlan River . Macquarie River . Bogan River . Castlereagh River . Hunter River . Clarence River . Menindee Lakes Man-made lakes formed by damming rivers include Lake Eucumbene, Lake (MORE)

What are Spain's main lakes?

The main lakes of Spain are Lake Sancbria, Lake Banyoles, The Lakes of Covadonga(Enol and Ercina), and Lake Vinuela.

What are the main lakes in new zealand?

There are three types of lake in New Zealand. In the North Island, the natural lakes are largely volcanic, and there are a number of man-made lakes used for electricity production. In the South Island, the natural lakes are mainly glacial created, and there are also a number of hydro electric lak (MORE)

What are South Dakota's main rivers lakes and mountains?

Major Lakes in South Dakota: Lake Oahe at 312,000 acres, on the Missouri River and it extendsinto North Dakota. Lake Francis Case, also on the Missouri River at 102,000 acres. Lake Sharpe at 56,884 acres. Major Rivers in South Dakota: The Missouri River is the largest river in South Dakota. Cheyenn (MORE)

How many lakes are there in the great lake?

the great lakes consists of lake superior, lake michigan, lake huron, lake erie, and lake ontario. an easier way to remember it is HOMES. SO 5 LAKES ARE THERE IN THE GREAT LAKES

How many lake trout are there in Lake Superior?

One conservation organization estimated the number at around 100 million. There are three variety of fresh water lake trout (siscowet, paperbellies, and leans) in Lake Superior, but their exact numbers are not known, especially since three different US states (Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan) and (MORE)

How clean is Thompson lake in Maine?

Thompson Lake, Lake Thompson or I've even seen it as Thompson Pond on original settlers maps is historically rated as one of the top ten clearest lakes in Maine. Water clearity scales can be found on State of Maine web sites.

How many lakes in the finger lakes?

The Finger Lakes consist of 11 lakes. The lake names are listedfrom East to West. Otisco Skaneateles Owasco Cayuga Seneca Keuka Canandaigua Honeoye Canadice Hemlock Conesus Each lake varies in depth, length and overall size.

What are the main lakes and rivers in the UK?

Rivers: The River Severn, Thames, Trent and Merseyrivers. Lakes: Name Location Area (mi²) Area (km²) Volume (km³) Length (km) Max. depth (m) Mean depth (m) [3] Lough Neagh . Northern Ireland. 147.87. 383 [4] . 3.528. 30. 25. 9. Lower Lough Erne . Northern Ir (MORE)

What are the main rivers and lakes in Switzerland?

Largest lakes in Switzerland There are 16 lakes in Switzerland Lake Geneva (Lac Léman, Lac de Genève) (shared with France) Lake Constance (Bodensee) Lake Neuchâtel (Lac de Neuchâtel, Neuenburgersee) Lake Maggiore (Lago Maggiore) Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstättersee) Lake Zuric (MORE)

What is the main idea of the song lake of fire?

The song was not written by Kurt Cobain, but rather belongs to the Meat Puppets who wrote the song in 1983. According to the original song writers, the song is about how the Christian church uses the idea of hell to scare people into following their beliefs.