How many languages has Jane Eyre been translated into?

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How many languages has the Harry Potter series been translated into?

Harry Potter has been translated into 67 other languages. However, there are two translations into Portuguese and Chinese making the total 69. To this you must also add English. In total the Harry Potter books can be read in 70 languages. It should be noted that the English and American Englis (MORE)

Who is Jane Eyre?

Jane Eyre is the main character of the book of the same name by Charlotte Bronte published in 1847. The book Jane Eyre is basically telling you to be true to your decisions and something good will always come out of it. Charlotte Bronte died at age 38 and published her books under pseudonyms.

How many languages has the Bible been translated into?

Answer 1 This answer pertains specifically to the New Testament of the Holy Bible, my apologies for not being able to answer for the entire Word. The Gideons International has now achieved distribution of the New Testament in more than 80 languages and placed copies in more then 180 countries ar (MORE)

Who was Jane eyre?

"Jane Eyre" is a classic British novel published in 1847 by Charlotte Bronte, under the pseudonym Currer Bell. In the book, the title character is a plain, quiet orphan who lives with her wealthy but cruel aunt and cousins, who torment her to no end. At a young age, she is practically disowned by he (MORE)

How many languages have Shakespeare's plays been translated into?

The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust website says this: "At the Shakespeare Centre in Stratford-upon-Avon, which is the headquarters of the International Shakespeare Association, the library collection in 1999 included the Complete Works in more than 30 languages and individual editions of the plays an (MORE)

How many languages has the Harry Potter series been translated into and what were they?

The Harry Potter series has been translated into seventy languages. Afrikaans- South Africa Albanian- Albania Arabic- Arab World Armenian- Armenia Asturian- Spain (Asturias) Basque- Spain (Basque Country) Bengali- India, Bangladesh Bosnian- Bosnia and Herzegovina Breton- France (Brittany) Bulgarian (MORE)

In Jane Eyre what does the gypsy suggest to Jane?

The gyspy is trying to get Jane to say if there is anybody in the Thornfield that she likes.. She also keeps asking about her relationship with Mr. Rochester, but Jane does not give anything away to her.

How is Jane Eyre portrayed in Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre?

Jane Eyre is portrayed as a small, plain faced, intelligent and honest orphan. Although she is not beautiful and is almost rejected by her surroundings, she triumphs succesfully as an accomplished woman in the society.Jane is educated, a pianist and a good artist. Jane experiences an almost tormenti (MORE)

What is Jane Eyre about?

Jane Eyre is a novel about the struggling life of an orphaned girl'Jane Eyre' who lives in her childhood till the age of 12 with her aunt and cousins who ill-treated her.Later on she was send to a school for orphaned girls where she spent her life first as a student and then as a teacher.Later on sh (MORE)

In how many languages have the book of Mormon been translated into?

The entire book of Mormon has been translated into 85 languages, and selections of the Book of Mormon have been translated into an additional 25 languages. The Church is continually working on translating the Book of Mormon into more languages, but the process is extremely slow. In recent years the (MORE)

What was the environment at Lowood in Jane Eyre?

Lowood, the school Jane is sent to by Mrs. Reed, is cold and harsh.Run by the strict Mr. Brocklehurst, the school is certainly not afun place for Jane. She resents if even more after her only truecompanions at the school (Miss Temple and Helen Burns) leave her.

What was the setting at the beginning of Jane Eyre?

The first setting in Jane Eyre was Gateshead Hall, a mansion. Thisis the residence of the Reed family ,and till adolescence, of Jane.Here Jane is bullied mercilessly and suffers greatly frominjustice. She returns here later in the story to visit her dyingaunt.

Jane Eyre summary in brief?

As a young orphan, Jane is sent to live with her uncle, who dies soon after her arrival. Jane is left in the care of her cruel aunt, who sends her to Lowood School to become a governess. Though conditions at the school are very poor, Jane makes friends there and finishes her education, obtaining a p (MORE)

How many plots are in Jane Eyre?

There is really only one plot in Jane Eyre, as it is written in first person. Read the book to figure out for yourself- it's a great book, no one should miss out on it

Jane Eyre mother figures?

One mother figure is Miss Temple, the headmistress of LowoodInstitution and later her friend, when Jane Eyre became a youngadult. Miss Temple married and left Lowood, which caused Janeimmediately to feel so lonely that she began to think of leavingand changing her situation. Mrs. Fairfax, the house (MORE)

How does Rochester seduce Jane in Jane Eyre?

Rochester does not use any special technique to seduce Jane Eyre, however he does take her for a walk every day and tells her about his travels throughout the world. These actions create the image of a really interesting man that cares about her and treats her as an equal, Jane Eyre becomes madly in (MORE)

Describe the character Jane Eyre in the book Jane Eyre?

Jane Eyre is the main character of the novel she lead a very struggling life right from her childhood, She was an orphan girl and was ill-treated by her aunt Mrs. Reed. She was sent to the Lowood institute to be educated. Lowood is an institute for orphans run by a hypocritical clergyman named Mr. B (MORE)

How many languages has the play Peter Pan been translated into?

I don't know, but it's been done in at least English and French. There was a movie adaptation produced in the Soviet Union, in Russian, and I know the novel had been translated. The publishers of Peter Pan in Scarlet (the recent sequel novel) boast that their book has been translated into 37 la (MORE)

What languages has the Bible not been translated into?

The Bible continues to be the most translated book in the world. The following numbers are approximations. As of 2005, at least one book of the Bible has been translated into 2,400 of the 6,900 languages listed by SIL, including 680 languages in Africa, followed by 590 in Asia, 420 in Oceania, 420 i (MORE)

How many times has Jane Eyre been made into a movie?

Well I know of the movies made in 1933, 1943, 1970,1973, 1983, 1996,1997, 2006....and the upcoming one is in march 2011.......personally i think it would be nice if they made a sequel to the 2006 one instead of telling the same story again and again.

How many languages has anime been translated into?

If you're talking about formal translation, I guess not much, because most of the countries prefer to dub it. If you're talking about not formal translation (fansub), it depends on the anime and its popularity.

Who bullied Jane in Jane Eyre?

John Reed who she lives with from chapter 1 to 5. He bullies her since she's an orphan and depends on the Reed family.

Who plays Jane in 2011 Jane Eyre?

Mia Wasikowska plays Jane in the 2011 movie Jane Eyre. This is the same actress who was in popular movies such as Alice in Wonderland (2010) and Restless (2011).

Was Jane from Jane Eyre benevolent?

Certainly, she"s a good-girl character, not a femme Fatal or some sort of well, female gangster type. Lead man Rochester ( not the Jack Benny character!) sort of vacillates between a tough guy, heel, and Good guy, they obviously see too much of each other, and there is a morbid air of captivity to t (MORE)

Who employed Jane in the book Jane Eyre?

She was employed twice in the book. First by Mr. Rochester as his daughter's teacher (governess). Then, as a school teacher (mistress) for her cousin's friend.

How many Indian languages has been bible translated?

There are many translations on however I don't know how many of the listed languages are Indian. If you want, you can go there and click on Old Testament or New Testament to see the listed languages.