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How many laps does it take to swim a mile in a lap pool?

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If the pool is 25 yards , and a lap is one length of the pool, then it would take 70.4 laps to go a mile.

In a 25 meter pool you need to swim 64.4 laps.

In collegiate swimming competitions, the swimmers in the mile event swim 64 laps in 25m pools.
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In a 25-yard swimming pool how many laps do you have to swim to constitute one mile?

A mile in a 25 yard pool equals 71 lengths or  36 laps (1,760 yards in a mile).  A mile in a 25 meter  pool equals 66 lengths or 33 laps (1,650 meters in a mile).   

How many laps in a mile swim?

A mile is 1600m right? So it'd be 32 legnths long course, and double that short course. A good swimmer may achieve this distance under 20 minuites.